This Year’s Jewelry Trend is Choker Necklace

Foreign designers also praise this jewelry that fills the neck.

Aishwarya Raiana in the film ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ may remember the tight necklace that filled her throat.

Recently Sonam Kapoor also wore a Polki diamond choker at Cannes Film Festival. This type of choker-style necklace is still in trend at weddings. Now be it traditional jewelry or modern accessories, chokers have become a favorite must-have.

Not only in India, but now some international designers are also making choker necklaces more hit and as a result, this jewelry has been made the jewelry trend of this year.

Be it Bollywood’s Sonam Kapoor or Hollywood’s designer Victoria Beckham, everyone is preferring a choker necklace.

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Diamond polking choker necklace with saree and chaniyacholi, while people prefer to wear copper and gemstone necklaces with western outfits.

The design of the choker can be straight or round and can be chosen according to the shape of the neck. Apart from this, the neckline of the blouse or dress also plays a big part in the choice of the choker. If you want to wear a choker, it is necessary that the neckline should be broad and a little low.


Since the choker is such a necklace that fits on the neck, it is also necessary that you feel comfortable after wearing it. The bran should not be so tight and full that it causes panic and it should not be so loose that it flops. Apart from this, not only the front side of the choker, but the width is uniform throughout the neck, so it should be comfortable to move the neck.

Neck and Choker

If you have a very short neck, avoid wearing a choker necklace as it will make the neck look shorter. If you want to wear it, you can also wear a thin necklace of a choker style. Even if there is a pendant in the middle, it will look good. Necklaces like chokers are made for long necks. It gives a beautiful look to the long neck and also adorns it.

When wearing a choker, avoid wearing any other long necklace around your neck, even if you are married, because the charm of a choker-filled necklace is visible only when it is worn alone. If you want to wear a long necklace, then the width of the choker should be very less.

The final Conclusion on This Year’s Jewelry Trend is Choker Necklace

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