The Reality of Saurav Joshi and Piyush Joshi Relationship

Sourav Joshi is an Instagram influencer, YouTuber, painter, and vlogger from India. He has appeared in a number of one-of-a-kind and practical works of art, which he posts on his eponymous YouTube channel.

On YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, he has a significant fan base. In the year 2021, he was featured in the Hindi music video song Mauja.

Sourav Joshi was born in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, on September 8, 2000. Harinder Joshi is his father’s name, and Hema Joshi is his mother’s name. Piyush Joshi and Sahil Joshi are his two siblings.

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He went to Government High School in Hisar for his education and graduated from Punjab Group of College. Sourav has a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Piyush Joshi is a popular YouTuber with a variety of videos. Sourav Joshi, a well-known YouTuber, is his younger brother. At such an early age, he became famous. Sourav’s vlogs would not be complete without Piyush.

He also has his own Instagram account, which has lakhs of followers. Piyush is a dog enthusiast with a dog named Oreo that plays an important role in their vlogs.

Saurav Joshi and Piyush Joshi Relationship Reality

Saurav Joshi is such a personality who started his career as a painter but got more fame apart from his work by vlogging.

In today’s time, Saurav Joshi’s Vlogging channel is considered to be the biggest Vlogging channel in India, and this channel is also followed by Millions of people.

Sourav Joshi started his vlogging career in the year 2019 and due to his excellent vlogging skills, he has gained that much popularity that he earns money in lakhs only through vlogging in today’s time. This achievement is really big but he has worked very hard to achieve it.

In most of Sourav’s Vlogs, you will definitely find a person named Piyush, who is 11 years old small boy and he is also extremely famous on social media.

Piyush is one such character of Saurav Joshi’s channel which makes his vlogs even better and he is also being given a lot of love by the people.

Many people feel that Saurav Joshi and Piyush Joshi are real brothers of each other and this is the main reason why there is a lot of love between them. But the truth is something else. Let us try to understand the reality of their relationship.

Actually, Piyush is not Saurav Joshi’s real brother but his uncle’s son. However, there is so much love between the two that you can clearly see it in their vlogging videos.

Final Conclusion on Saurav Joshi and Piyush Joshi Relationship

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