Tanay Pratap Biography: Know Why 98% People Will Fail.

Tanay Pratap Biography

You must have all tweeted or told someone that the Indian educational system is terrible at some point in your lives. Ever wonder why something is the way it is?

Since I have been educating students for the past ten years and assisting them in finding employment, as well as owning an education startup, I have given this issue a lot of thought. Allow me to share with you why the Indian educational system is failing.

Let’s start by discussing the success ratio. Think you order from your Zomato or Amazon app okay? and when you place 100 orders, just two of them actually arrive.

Will you utilise such an app? You won’t utilise, isn’t that right? You will uninstall and leave a negative review right away.

Our Educational System is Just Useless

If it succeeds two times out of a hundred, you reject it. But you accept it in the educational system. One class has 100 students, but only two of them find good jobs or have successful careers, and you claim that this is the only way the system works. Why? you accept responsibility for yourself.

The system is designed in such a way that failure is your fault. See what Sharma Ji’s son did, and what those two kids did. Why weren’t you able to do it? Why couldn’t 98 people do it?

The system is not to fault for this; rather, 98 people are entirely at responsible. You see, I’m not saying you shouldn’t make an attempt. You will need to  study but, after studying also like in tier 3 college. students of tier 3 college have 9 CGPA also don’t get job. OK!

Colleges are Ruining Youth’s Career

Why are you giving your child degree after degree if they are not passing their tenth grade, performing well in their tenth grade, performing well in their twelfth grade, or scoring well in entrance exams? Why do people apply for peon jobs after completing their bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees?

Why was a system created that constantly fails you while also inspiring you to want more education because it doesn’t help you? Additionally, check to see if you left comments on the videos of these top presentations.

Education doesn’t just open minds; it can also do other things. Understand that I’ll beat you with sleepers. Although you should agree with all of these elite remarks, in India, in our country people have education as the only hope for living a good life. So, if education is failing you on the first principle on employment. 

So it makes no sense to discuss anything else. Let’s review one more Why do colleges permit this to occur? College has extremely different motivations, as you can see.

Colleges must raise their rankings while paying teachers a lower compensation. How do college rankings improve? You’ll notice that in eighth grade, if you’re producing an excellent project, you’ll be advised that no, don’t do web development and A. This is because by publishing research articles. I release a subpar paper. Why? since doing so will raise our ranking.

Therefore, the rewards of college aren’t geared toward your success or employment. While we’re at it, let’s also discuss how valuable research is.

Engineering Degrees are Useless

If you gave me an engineering degree, I should be able to find employment. Due to the fact that it violates the contract, this is breaching the contract. Consequently, several engineering universities are closing as well.

Then, students are falling for this trap as well. If we focus on research a little more, even Elon Musk has claimed that a lot of study papers are completely useless and have no purpose.

Academics have created a mill that never stops and publishes new research papers every day. How many patents have been completed? a great deal.

From these, countless patent applications are submitted. How many patents are actually useful? How many patents are actually useful?

Numerous study articles from one of them that your academics have published tell the  real life uses which have done improvement in people life. This number will be less then 0.1 percent.

Unemployment is on a Peak

The majority of the young people in India are unemployed. If this young person is properly educated and hired, we will be able to serve the entire world from this location.

All knowledge employees may come from India, and we have already implemented this in BPO and IT services.

Now is the time to educate and train people to fill these roles in software, marketing, product development, analyst, and business analysis, helping India rise to the top.

Additionally, they continuously encouraging students to publish their research papers so that our college’s reputation would grow.

I’m quite bullish on knowledge workers because if they receive more training in India and are given more opportunities and will be more employed. 

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