Stella vs Corona: Which is Better?

Certainly, when comparing Stella Artois and Corona beers, “better” can be subjective and depends on individual preferences. Here’s a comparison table to highlight some key differences between the two:

Stella Artois

ABV (Alcohol by Volume)Approximately 5.0%
Taste ProfileCrisp, slightly bitter, malty
IngredientsMalted barley, hops, maize
Serving SuggestionsOften served in a chalice or tulip-shaped glass
ReputationKnown for its heritage and traditional brewing process


TypePale Lager
ABV (Alcohol by Volume)Approximately 4.5%
Taste ProfileLight, crisp, with a hint of hoppy flavor
IngredientsBarley malt, hops, yeast, corn, rice
Serving SuggestionsTypically served with a wedge of lime
ReputationFamous for its association with beach and relaxation

Final Conclusion on Stella vs Corona: Which is Better?

Which one is “better” often comes down to personal preference regarding taste, style, and cultural associations. Stella Artois tends to have a slightly higher alcohol content and a more pronounced maltiness, while Corona is known for its lightness and is often associated with leisure and relaxation, especially when served with a lime.

Ultimately, the choice between Stella Artois and Corona would depend on individual taste preferences and the occasion or setting in which one prefers to enjoy the beer.