screener vs trendlyne: Which is Better?

Screener is an Indian stock market analytics tool that provides financial data, key ratios, and other fundamental analysis metrics for Indian companies. It’s widely used by investors and traders to quickly assess the financial health of a company. Here are some key features:

Financial Ratios: Screener provides a comprehensive set of financial ratios, including profitability ratios, liquidity ratios, and efficiency ratios. This helps investors gauge the overall financial health of a company.

Customization: Users can customize their screens based on various parameters, such as market capitalization, industry, and financial ratios. This allows for personalized analysis tailored to specific investment criteria.

Historical Data: Screener offers historical financial data, allowing users to track a company’s performance over multiple years. This is crucial for assessing trends and identifying patterns.

Charts and Graphs: The platform includes interactive charts and graphs to visualize financial data. This can be helpful for technical analysis and trend identification.

Stock Comparisons: Screener allows users to compare multiple stocks side by side, making it easier to choose the most suitable investment option.


Trendlyne is another platform that focuses on Indian financial markets. It provides a variety of tools and features for investors to analyze stocks. Here are some key aspects of Trendlyne:

Price and Valuation: Trendlyne offers stock price trends and valuation metrics, helping users understand whether a stock is overvalued or undervalued.

Screeners: Similar to Screener, Trendlyne provides screeners that allow users to filter stocks based on different criteria. This can be useful for finding investment opportunities that align with specific preferences.

News and Announcements: The platform aggregates news and announcements related to stocks, providing users with up-to-date information that may impact their investment decisions.

Portfolio Tracking: Trendlyne allows users to track and manage their investment portfolios. This includes features such as profit and loss analysis, dividend tracking, and more.

Insider Trading Data: One unique feature of Trendlyne is its focus on insider trading data. Users can access information about stock transactions made by company insiders, which can be valuable for assessing the confidence of company insiders in their own stock.


Focus and Specialization: Both Screener and Trendlyne focus on the Indian stock market, making them valuable tools for investors interested in this market.

User Interface: The user interface of each platform can impact the user experience. Some investors may find one platform more intuitive or visually appealing than the other.

Unique Features: Trendlyne’s emphasis on insider trading data sets it apart from Screener. Depending on your preferences, this could be a critical factor in your decision.

Data Accuracy: The accuracy and timeliness of the data provided by each platform are crucial. Users should verify that the financial data and other information are up-to-date and reliable.

Community and Support: The availability of a supportive community or customer support can be important for users who may have questions or need assistance.

Final Conclusion on screener vs trendlyne: Which is Better?

In conclusion, the choice between Screener and Trendlyne depends on your specific needs and preferences. Both platforms offer valuable tools for stock analysis in the Indian market. It’s recommended to explore both platforms, take advantage of any free trials they may offer, and see which one aligns better with your investment goals and strategies.