RS Raju Sadhu Love Story – Raju and Roshani Love Story

See, we all know that love is such a feeling which is not expressed much in words and is only felt. Anyway, in today’s era, finding true love is considered a very difficult thing. In such a situation, if you have also got true love and a loyal partner, then believe me that you are one of the most fortunate people in the world.

Well, we all know that today is the age of social media and you can get any information very easily. In fact, in today’s time, there are many couples vloggers in India who are very famous for their great content, and in such a couple, we can include a couple named Raju and Roshni, who is really very much famous on YouTube and earned lots of reputation too.

Raju and Roshni’s YouTube channel name is RS Raju Sadhu and both of them keep uploading very cute vlogs on their channel and that’s why they have more than 5 lakhs subscribers count available on their YouTube channel. Today, through this article, we will try to know about the love story of both.

RS Raju Sadhu Love Story

Raju and Roshni had their first meeting at a sports ground in their city and at that time later used to play Kabaddi on that ground. According to Raju, when he saw Roshni for the first time, he fell in love with her, and this is the main reason why he tried too hard to impress Roshni. This is about those days when the year 2015 was going on.

Although Roshni was a very simple girl and she used to feel that falling in love with someone is just a waste of time and in today’s time one should focus only on his career and not on useless things. Because of this, she did not talk to Raju in the beginning and did not increase her connection with him.

Although Raju was in love with Roshni from the beginning and he had thought in his mind that Roshni could prove to be the best partner for him and because of this he did not leave any chance to impress her but the result didn’t turn out well and she always kept ignoring him for a no reason.

Love is such a thing that it cannot be hidden and people get to know at one or another point in time. The same thing happened with Raju too. Actually, a best friend of Roshni came to know that Raju loves Roshani, she also realized his love for her and explained to Roshni that a person must feel the feeling of love once in his life.

Finally, after 2 years, in the year 2017, Roshni also realized Raju’s love and she also fell in love with him and later both of them got into a relationship with each other.

Nowadays, they both are actually happily married to each other and enjoying their personal life with each other. They both are currently very active on YouTube and followed by millions of people. Also, they are fortunate enough as they both have become a parent of a child.

Final Conclusion on RS Raju Sadhu Love Story

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