The Glam Couple Love Story

Rishi Athwani and Himanshi Tekwani – The Glam Couple Love Story

The Glam Couple Love Story

Friends, we all know very well that at this time it has become very easy to become famous in India by doing vlogging and making different types of videos on YouTube.

In fact, so many famous social media influencers have got a lot of popularity due to this and this is the biggest reason why today so many influencers are earning money in lakhs every month.

Actually, maximum comes in the world of YouTube and Vlogging only so that they can become famous or earn a lot of money from that medium.

In one such couple, we can also include Rishi Athwani and Himanshi Athwani which is also known as The Glam Couple.

So, In this article, we are going to share Rishi Athwani and Himanshi Athwani’s love Story in deep and detail.

If you really want to know about the Glam Couple Love Story in deep and detail. If you really want to know more about the same, kindly read this article until the end.

The Glam Couple Love Story

As we told you at the beginning of this article that popular social media influencers Rishi Athavani and Himanshi Athavani are actually known as The Glam Couple.

In fact, they both have started their own YouTube channel on this name and that’s that they both are so popular as The Glam Couple of India.

If we talk about their love story then it is actually really very interesting and one can enjoy reading their journey of being together with each other.

Before we talk about their amazing love story, we would like to tell you that Rishi Athwani has done his master’s in Business Administration and currently handling his family’s garment business and fortunately he is well-settled in his life as he is earning more than decent amount of money through his family business.

Rishi Athwani and Himanshi Athwani first met during a family function. Actually, Himanshi knew some of Rishi’s close family friends very well, and because of this, it did not take much time for her to be friends with Rishi.

However, their first meeting was very special for Rishi as he fell in love with Himanshi when he saw her for the first time ever.

After meeting each other for the first time, both of them started talking with each other on Facebook, and soon both of them also shared each other’s WhatsApp numbers with each other.

Actually, before meeting Himanshi, Rishi had rejected more than 16 girls for marriage, but after meeting Himanshi, he felt as if she was made for him only.

Both Himanshi and Rishi had shared this fact in one of their vlogs that before meeting each other, they were not very excited about the marriage because both of them were not getting the partner of their choice but when both met each other then they both felt that both of them could become perfect partners for each other and because of this, both of them also started talking with each other.

Rishi and Himanshi fell in love with each other in a very short time and for this reason, both of them also wanted to get married to each other and for this reason, both of them told their respective family about their relationship and also clearly mentioned that both of them want to marry each other.

Rishi’s family has no issues regarding his marriage decision with Himanshi and they all accepted his relationship with Himanshi with love and respect. In starting Himanshi’s family had some issues regarding their marriage decision but at the end of the day it has been all sorted out and finally they both get married to each other and in today’s time they are both and spending their lives with each other very peacefully.

Both are currently living in the city of Nawabs also known as Lucknow and along with managing their business they both are also spending their valuable time Vlogging and making different videos related to the lifestyle.

Final Conclusion on Rishi and Himanshi Athwani – The Glam Couple Love Story

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