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Richard Shu Biography

Hey guys, Richard here.

Today is a big day for me because it’s been probably five months since I last picked up a book, which is crazy because I just finished school and am currently on summer vacation, but for the past five months, I’ve been so focused on keeping a good GPA and focusing on classes that I’ve neglected reading for such a long time.

What I am Reading Now?

I had some free time today, So, I read 70 pages of the book “The Alchemist,” which you may be familiar with, in approximately an hour.

Actually, I’m stealing it from a buddy, but I simply wanted to impart what I’ve discovered. I’ve thus reached a number of conclusions. the first is enjoyment.

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What I get out of reading a book is just so different from the enjoyment. I get it from other entertainment sources like YouTube or playing a game.

I think this is a really important distinction and basically when I’m reading a book. I’m super engaged.

I’m trying to follow the plot. I’m noticing the character development and along the way, while I’m reading the book I’m just reflecting on my life. I’m seeing how the lessons I learned in the book can be used to improve my life.

I am Not Wasting My Time on Social Media

Yet, while I’m on social media, I’m frequently playing games or watching YouTube videos.

Without really understanding the value that comes with it, for instance, this media is absorbed. I can recollect reading several books throughout the last year, and I can still clearly recall the lessons I took away from each one.

I can still picture the character. I can recall the story, but when I go back to any YouTube video I saw yesterday, I honestly have no idea. I can’t recall a single thing I learned from viewing the YouTube video yesterday, and I know that at least for me.

This is because there is so much stuff available nowadays that is either not relevant to me or so. it’s just too much to process another conclusion. that I’ve come to you is that, when I’m reading a book whether three pages thirty pages, or even 300 pages.

I’m actually not tired of reading as I’m going along after I finish maybe a chapter or two I’m not exhausted. in fact, I’m so engaged with the book makes me in an active state of mind. I’m actually energized by the end, whereas when I’m consuming social media or watching YouTube I’m often drained and I’m not wasting time just by watching the video.

I’m actually wasting time that comes after the video because I’m no longer motivated. I just don’t have any more productivity left in me. so I just wanted to share my thoughts on one reading and hopefully. I hope you guys are inspired to read more because I think the enjoyment you get from it’s just so significantly different from social media and YouTube. 

Final Conclusion on Richard Shu Biography: Reading Books is Changing My Life

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