All You Want to Know About Richa and Saurav World

Doing Vlogging amaturely or to earn some money through advertisement revenue has been becoming an obsession for too many.

But there are many people who do vlogging only and only for a hobby and their aim is only to be famous among the people.

Doing Vlogging can be lucrative but at the same time you also have to keep one thing in your mind is that you have to share almost daily activities of your personal life on an open platform. It could be adventurous and lucrative and at the same time, it could be threatening too. So basically, if you also want to start doing Vlogging in your daily life then you also have to set the priorities of content after doing long deliberations with the known community.

In today’s time who doesn’t want to live in London? We all know that western countries are the place where you can definitely earn a huge amount of money by working really very hard than doing the same amount of hard work in India.

However, even to go to London, you have to spend a lot of money and along with this, you have to follow a long procedure. Although not everyone is able to go to the western countries, those who go there and get set, their lifestyle really changes a lot. They can easily be able to live a lavish lifestyle.

Who are Richa and Saurav? – Richa and Saurav World

For those who are not familiar with the names of these two, I want to tell them that both of them are YouTubers who are most precisely known for their vlogging Videos. Both of them are Indian by origin but they are currently living in London.

According to Sourav, he is a data analyst and works in the insurance sector and Richa is also a working woman who works in an unorganized sector in London. According to Later’s saying she is actually not fond of managing a daily 9-5 full-time job and this is the main reason why she started her own YouTube channel to make a career in it.

However, Saurav who had initially no interest in sharing his daily life on common platforms like YouTube is nowadays also taking an active part in it.

According to Saurav, he is working really very hard in order to take an advancement in his further career and would like to relocate to another location if the opportunity comes his way.

In a country like London, vlogging along with a full-time job is also considered to be a very important job in today’s time, but he is also managing it very well at the moment.

They further also added that they are actually fond of travelling and had been in many countries before moving to the United Kingdom of London.

Final Conclusion on Richa and Saurav World

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