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Well, many of us have an inner dream of moving to Canada or other western countries for better opportunities. Indians especially Indian students are fond of moving to Canada for further studies.

However, moving to Canada for the studies or for a job actually can be achieved by doing a substantial amount of hard work and after spending a huge amount of money in the migration process.

In today’s time going to Canada is not in everyone’s luck and whoever makes his full-time career by going to this country in today’s time, I would call him very lucky.

By the way, in today’s time, there are many Indian students and couples in Canada who do daily vlogging and are running their vlogging channel very successfully.

We all know how difficult is to do blogging regularly, especially if you are working full-time and managing your studies along with it.

However, one thing is worth noting here and that thing is that by looking at the vlogs of these people, we get very easy information about the lifestyle in western countries like Canada, England, and America.

So, in today’s article, we are going to give some important information about of one the regular vlogger and content creators named Ravi Vasara.

Ravi Vasara Biography

For those who are not familiar with this name before, I want to tell them that Ravi is an Indian-origin student who is currently living in Canada and completing his further studies. He is also doing part-time duty to manage his expenses along with his studies.

Ravi, who basically hails from Kathiyawad, Gujarat is nowadays making his vlogging videos in his native Gujarati language. The main reason for choosing the Gujarati language for vlogging is nothing else but to connect with the Gujarati community in a better way.

We all know moving to Canada for the studies may seem easy but as we say “All that Glitters is not Gold” and this proverb definitely applies to this.

We can understand very easily that after moving to Canada, it is never easy to survive there. One has to work really very hard for achieving great heights in his career.

Ravi Vasara’s blog is really very informative and one can acquire a huge amount of information about the Indo-Canadian students’ lifestyle.

Ravi, who started his own YouTube channel was not so familiar with Vogging at first and this is the main reason why his vlogs were not getting that many views. However, slowly and steadily he is going to get a huge amount of fame through his videos.

We are just wishing him the best of luck in all his future endeavors.

Final Conclusion on Ravi Vasara Biography

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