Popular Couple GuruCharan Singh and Rachael Singh Love Story

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Racheal Singh is a popular YouTuber, who is actually known for her outstanding blogs and she is quite popular too as she is married to an Indian guy whose name is Gurucharan Singh.

So, basically, we are going to share this Indo-Australian couple’s love story in detail. If you are also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Rachael Singh’s Love Story

Racheal Singh was born in the Philippines and her father is from the Philippines while her mother is from a country named Malta but her family had moved to Australia a long time ago and this is the main reason why Racheal has been in Australia since childhood.

On the other hand, Gurcharan Singh was born in the city of Ludhiana in Punjab, India, and is currently settled in Melbourne, Australia.

The first meeting of Gurcharan Singh and Rachael took place in their workplace where the former’s work has to provide information about how to work the letter.

Gradually, the number of their meetings started increasing and due to this, a good friendship was also developed between the two and eventually they both become very good friends with each other.

Later on, they started feeling something for each other and this thing is actually nonother than love. It was Gurucharan Singh who is the first person to initiate the new love relationship between them by proposing Racheal.

In starting they have faced some problems in their relationship but eventually settled with one another and decided to get married to each other.

When Gurcharan Singh told his family about Rachael, they accepted their relationship without opposing it. In fact, according to Rachael’s saying, Gurcharan Singh’s family is very sweet and they accepted her despite being a foreigner which really shows their vivacity.

On the other hand, Rachael’s family has also accepted their relationship happily, and later on, they both got married to each other in a traditional Indian Punjabi Style Wedding.

Right now, they both are happily enjoying their married life with each other and are also blessed with a baby girl whose name is Ivanka Singh and she is such cute.

According to Rachael, she is very much in love with the Indian Culture and food and she likes mutter Paneer really varies much and along with this she is also excited for the outings in India as she has willingness of watching different Indian tourist locations with her husband and family.

Final Conclusion on Gurucharan Singh and Rachael Singh Love Story

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