Nita Shimilkar and Reeva’s Relationship

Friends, all of you must have seen a girl named Riva in Neeta shilimkar’s vlogs. That girl is becoming very popular on social media these days. In fact, you will also get to see her in many vlogs. So today we will tell you through this article what is the relationship between Reva and Neeta.

As we all know that Neeta Shilimkar is actually a really very big social media influencer and model with having an amazing fan following. There is the quite obvious reason that anyone who is going to appear with her on a regular basis is definitely going to get huge fame for him/her. Popular social media star Rohit Zinzurke is actually the best example of it.

From Previous many vlogs, one girl named Reeva is frequently appearing in Neeta’s Vlog and that’s why the latter’s fans are quite excited about her relationship with Reeva.

So, We would like to share that she is actually her niece and still a very small child.

Riva Patil mother

Riva Patil is a social media personality, content producer, and kid fashion and lifestyle influencer. Her photographs and videos on social media sites like Instagram and YouTube have helped her attract a lot of attention.

Rupali Patil, her mother, was in charge of her social media accounts. Her YouTube channel now has 40K subscribers, and she has 250K Instagram followers.

Riva Patil was born and raised on August 9, 2016, in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. In the year 2021, she will be five years old. Riva Patil is Neeta Shilimkar’s niece, a well-known YouTuber with millions of followers. Riva has also been in several of Neeta Shilimkar’s YouTube videos, gaining her a lot of recognition and popularity.

Final Conclusion on Nita Shimilkar and Reeva’s Relationship

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