Nikhilish Dhure Biography and All You Want to Know About Him

Nikhilish Dhure Biography

Do you also want to study in Germany?

The biggest advantage of taking education in Germany is that you do not have to pay tuition fees in the maximum university here and because of this your educational cost will definitely be very less.

Along with this, you can easily find a job along with studying here and can earn a lot. This is the reason why Germany is becoming a hot favorite place to get an education among the students of Tier 3 countries.

However, to get admission in Germany you may require some source of sufficient information about the same, and that’s where you can take a help from Nikhilish Dhure’s YouTube channel.

Well, if you are not aware of who Nikhilish Dhure is then we would like to tell you that he is a YouTuber and Student who is currently residing in Germany and is quite popular amongst Indian Individuals for his German lifestyle related videos.

Nikhilish Dhure Biography

Nikhilish was born and grew up in Mumbai. According to him, he was an average guy in his studies and he even had no further future plans.

However, it was his father who advised him to take admission in the Hotel Management course and that’s why he took admission in the same domain in one of the most reputed hotel management institutes of Hydrabad and gained the same educational degrees with flying colors.

After earning his Hotel Management degree, he started working at Oprah Hotel.

Initially, he worked with this hotel in India for about 1.5 years, and later he was also offered a job in Dubai from the hotel itself with a decent salary package.

Even after coming to Dubai, Nikhilesh’s initial one and a half years passed very well, and through this job, he got to know a lot about this entire industry.

However, in his hotel management job, he noticed one thing that he was working during the festival days despite getting a good salary and this thing did not suit him at all. Because of this, he wanted to set his future in a more convincing domain.

This is the main reason why he chooses to study the Master of Business Administration in Germany for better advancement in his professional career.

Right now, he is studying in one of the most reputed universities in Germany and also managing his own YouTube channel named Nikhilish Dhure where he uploads various videos related to Germany’s education and lifestyle.

Well, if you are someone who is planning to move in Germany then you can definitely watch his prime content and I am quite sure that it will definitely be going to help you a lot.

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