Mejuri vs Quince: Which is Better?

In the world of online shopping, there is an ever-expanding array of brands and retailers to choose from. Two such brands that have garnered attention in recent years are Mejuri and Quince.

Both companies offer a variety of products, primarily in the realm of fashion and lifestyle, and have developed distinct reputations and followings.

In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the key aspects of Mejuri and Quince, including their product offerings, pricing, quality, sustainability, and customer experience, to help you make an informed decision on which brand aligns better with your preferences and needs.

Product Offerings

Mejuri: Mejuri specializes in fine jewelry, offering a curated selection of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and accessories. Their products are known for their minimalist and elegant designs, often featuring high-quality materials such as 14k gold, sterling silver, and ethically-sourced gemstones. Mejuri also periodically releases limited-edition collections and collaborates with various designers to keep their offerings fresh and exciting.

Quince: Quince, on the other hand, positions itself as a brand that provides “luxury essentials at radically lower prices.” They offer a wide range of products spanning various categories, including apparel, home goods, and accessories. Quince’s products are designed with simplicity and sustainability in mind, and their lineup includes items such as cashmere sweaters, silk pillowcases, organic cotton T-shirts, and more.


Mejuri: Mejuri is often associated with a mid-range to premium price point. Their focus on quality materials and craftsmanship reflects in their pricing. While their jewelry is certainly more affordable than traditional luxury brands, it may still be considered an investment for some shoppers. However, they do offer occasional sales and promotions, making their products more accessible.

Quince: Quince takes a different approach by positioning itself as a brand that offers high-quality products at significantly lower prices. They claim to cut out the middleman and reduce overhead costs, passing on the savings to customers. As a result, Quince’s products are often priced more competitively compared to similar items from other brands.


Mejuri: Mejuri places a strong emphasis on quality, and their jewelry is renowned for its craftsmanship and materials. They use 14k solid gold and solid sterling silver for many of their pieces, ensuring durability and longevity. Customers often praise the quality of Mejuri’s products and the attention to detail in their designs. The brand also offers a one-year warranty on all their jewelry to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Quince: Quince’s commitment to quality extends across their product range. They focus on sourcing premium materials for their goods, such as Mongolian cashmere for their sweaters and long-strand mulberry silk for their pillowcases. While they may not use precious metals and gemstones like Mejuri, Quince’s products are designed to be both durable and comfortable, meeting the expectations of their customers.


Mejuri: Mejuri takes steps toward sustainability in their practices. They emphasize responsible sourcing of materials, particularly with regard to their diamonds and gemstones. Mejuri also makes an effort to reduce waste by crafting their jewelry on a made-to-order basis, minimizing excess inventory. Additionally, they have introduced recycling initiatives to encourage customers to recycle their old jewelry responsibly.

Quince: Quince places a strong emphasis on sustainability and ethical sourcing. Their commitment to using natural and organic materials extends to their apparel and home goods. They work directly with suppliers to ensure ethical treatment of workers and minimize environmental impact. Quince also promotes long-lasting products to reduce the overall consumption of goods.

Customer Experience

Mejuri: Mejuri’s customer experience is generally positive, with many customers praising their user-friendly website, fast shipping, and responsive customer service. They have a strong online presence and actively engage with their customers on social media platforms. The brand’s limited-edition releases and collaborative collections often generate excitement and anticipation among their followers.

Quince: Quince is known for its excellent customer service and commitment to customer satisfaction. They offer a 365-day return policy, which demonstrates their confidence in their products. Quince also maintains a transparent and informative website, making it easy for customers to understand the quality and sourcing of their products. Their customer reviews and testimonials highlight the positive experiences of many shoppers.


In summary, Mejuri and Quince are two distinct brands that cater to different customer preferences and needs.

Mejuri excels in the fine jewelry niche, offering elegant and high-quality pieces at a mid-range to premium price point.

Their focus on craftsmanship and design has earned them a loyal following.

On the other hand, Quince positions itself as a brand for those seeking luxury essentials at affordable prices.

They emphasize simplicity, sustainability, and transparency in their product offerings, making them an attractive option for budget-conscious shoppers.

Final Conclusion on Mejuri vs Quince: Which is Better?

Ultimately, your choice between Mejuri and Quince will depend on your specific preferences and priorities.

If you’re in the market for fine jewelry with a minimalist and elegant aesthetic, and you’re willing to invest a bit more, Mejuri may be the brand for you.

Conversely, if you’re looking for high-quality essentials that won’t break the bank and have a strong emphasis on sustainability, Quince might be the better fit.

Both brands have their merits, and it’s worth considering what matters most to you in terms of product type, price range, quality, and sustainabili





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