Meet Pooja Verma from Peekapoo YouTube Channel

We all know that, in today’s world, YouTube is brimming with content creators that, thanks to their unique content which keep their subscribers enthralled.

Actually, in a modern environment, YouTube has evolved into a platform where you can quickly get and use all types of information, and as a result, it is actually highly popular among people, and many content creators are gaining popularity day by day.

Starting a YouTube career is simple, but sustaining it is really very tough.

Because the marketplace is so competitive, one must work really hard in terms of content creation and distribution.

Already said, there are many YouTubers out there that started from the ground up and have progressively grown their channels by providing excellent content.

Pooja Verma, the creator of the PeekaPoo YouTube channel, which has over 100k followers, is undoubtedly one of these YouTubers who has a charming personality with definitely engaging content creation. 

So, basically in this article, we are going to discuss much more on Pooja Verma who is the owner of the PeekaPoo YouTube channel in detail. If you are someone who is also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

Pooja Verma from Peekapoo YouTube Channel

Pooja Verma is a content creator who is originally from India but now resides in Ontario, Canada, where she enjoys her happy married life.

She is well-known for her Daily Vlogs and YouTube videos on the Canadian lifestyle.

Her subscriber count is steadily expanding as she continues to produce amazing stuff on a daily basis.

She had no intention of leaving India and settling in other nations, such as Canada, at first, but everything occurred spontaneously and by fate, according to her, and she eventually relocated to Canada with her husband after marriage.

Pizza is Pooja Verma’s favorite food, and she is a die-hard coffee addict. However, she claims that if she had to pick between coffee and pizza, she would choose coffee since it is something she requires on a regular basis.

Pooja is married, and her spouse holds a master’s degree from the University of Sydney in Australia. Her in-laws own a family business, which is why her husband, Siraj, has decided to relocate to India to join and build the family firm.

However, his family advised both of them to go to another country in order to secure their future, and they eventually relocated to Canada, where they are now happily enjoying their life.

Pooja claims that she, too, is not interested in traveling to India and that she now wishes to live in Canada, where she would be able to enjoy a variety of lifestyle options.

Final Conclusion on Pooja Verma from Peekapoo YouTube Channel

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