Meet Krupa Kosambiya From Gujju Girl in UK YouTube Channel

Friends, we all know that the trend of studying in a foreign country is very popular among Indian students. It is not a matter today that the students of India thought of going outside the country for better educational opportunities abroad.

Well, there used to be a time when it was said that Punjabi people actually likes to move to Canada and England the most. But now the time has passed completely and now Gujarati students are also not lagging behind in the matter of studies in foreign countries.

You can identify many students on YouTube in today’s time who have gone abroad to complete their education. There are many such people among them who have settled there after completing their studies.

Who is Krupa Kosambiya?

Well, Kripa Kosambia is currently a student who is pursuing her studies in the United Kingdom. Along with her studies, she also runs a YouTube channel named Gujju Girl in the UK.

According to Krupa’s saying she is not so comfortable talking in the Hindi language as she is a pure native Gujarati speaker since her birth, still she is trying her best to produce the content in the Hindi language.

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Krupa’s channel has very few followers right now but hopes that this channel will grow very fast and she herself will produce the best content.

According to Krupa’s saying, usually when you study in a city like London, it is not that easy for you to earn money because you are not allowed to work more than 20 hours a week according to the rules and regulations that are framed here by the government.

In such a situation, she herself works 40 hours a week and during holidays she herself manages her studies by working more than 40 hours.

Final Conclusion on Meet Krupa Kosambiya From Gujju Girl in UK YouTube Channel

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