Matrimonial Site is For Rich People Only?

Matrimonial Site is For Rich People Only?

Gone are the days when family elders or close relatives were looking for a mate for young boys and girls.

Nowadays, one can hardly hear anyone saying that the idol of a family fits your bride or that some of the girls of a certain family are very cultured and educated.

Now the search for a spouse is mostly done in marriage portals. From the lower middle class to the rich, all relying on matrimonial portals to marry their children.

The ‘VIP Shaadi’ branch of the well-known matrimony website ‘’ caters only to the wealthy.

If you are a business person or other professional willing to invest millions of rupees in this website’s services, you will not be disappointed.

Despite though they’ve been in the industry for almost two decades, there’s a good possibility you’ll find a favorite partner here.

However, because this is a ‘Buy-Invitation-Only’ website, you may only apply for their services if you fulfill their conditions after applying here.

While the ‘Ultra Rich Match’ matrimonial site is very successful in getting one rich family with another rich family. You may be surprised to know that the registration fee starts from Rs. 21,200 (non-refundable) and you have to pay the same amount in order to get suggestions for brides or bridesmaids through them.

Their relationship manager then calls them and asks what kind of partner they expect. All you have to do is sit back and wait for your answer. This marital organization also serves countries like Australia, Canada, the USA, the UK, Dubai, and Singapore.

‘Vivaah Marriage’ is a name best known for serving wealthy people of Indian descent living abroad. The details sent by the person who registers on this website are then verified. A professional is then hired for the bride or groom to find the partner he or she is looking for.

Those who register on the ‘Voice for Attorney’ matrimonial portal need to have a very high qualification. The portfolios of the registrants are kept confidential. So the identity of that person is automatically hidden. They also fill out two forms from that member. One for India and the other for finding a partner from any other country in the world.

A unique wedding website called ‘Match Me‘ only works for the rich and famous people of the world. They have well-known among the rich as they have interesting categories like BG B, Not Mate the Right One, Concerned Parents, Never to Late, and Hands-on Counseling. After registering here, their team goes in search of the expected spouse of the bride or sculptor.

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