All You Want to Know About Lori Harvey and Micheal Jordan Relationship

Lori and Michael are no longer together, but which of the exes decided to publicize the breakup with a social media purge? Stay tuned for more information.

Laurie Harvey is stating unequivocally that it’s over. On June 4th, Michael B. Jordan People magazine revealed that they had split up about a year and a half after they started dating, according to a source. Both Michael and Laurie are upset, but they still love each other. They had a lot of fun together and brought out the best in each other.

a different source of information shed some more light on what really happened between these two after saying that Harvey, the stepdaughter of comedian and television star Steve Harvey, wasn’t ready to settle down.

She’s very focused on her profession, but she still wants to have fun and be free, according to a source. Michael is a lovely person; she’s disappointed that their relationship didn’t work out, but she’s moving on. It’s worth noting that the two are 10 years apart in age. Jordan is 35 and Harvey is 25, which could have played a role in the separation, according to the insider, since they realized they desire different things.

Lori Harvey and Micheal Jordan Relationship

The former couple has yet to publicly address their split, though Laurie has made several social media movements that pretty much confirm it. Laurie Harvey’s post-breakup experience tells us everything we need to know about what’s really going on. social networking sites.

After news of their breakup became public, eagle-eyed followers discovered that Laurie had scrubbed all traces of Michael B Jordan from her Instagram account. jordan still had uploads including Laurie on his Instagram account as of the production of this video, including a breathtaking photo from February that he commented I appreciate her social media presence.

Laurie was no longer tagged in Michael’s postings, and neither of their likes was showing up on each other’s profiles, which was a double whammy, but we’re still waiting for Lori or Jordan to reply. On the steve Harvey morning program on June 6th, Laurie’s father addressed the separation, revealing that he is quoting team lorry thousand percent, my daughter.

He then claimed that nothing too dramatic transpired between Lori and Michael and that their split was calm, but he nevertheless gave a warning to future suitors. I don’t care what you do as long as you put your hands on my door. As for his thoughts on Jordan, Steve stated that the Creed star is in his words still a cool guy. 

The family feud presenter says he’s sure they’ll be alright, and it doesn’t appear that the two are taking their breakup too seriously, as both were clearly having a good time during the weekend following their breakup. On June 5th, Steve Harvey’s stepdaughter returned to Instagram to post breathtaking photographs of her story that showed her rocking. Jordan stepped out for the first time since the news broke and was pictured at game two of the NBA Finals in San Francisco in a white crop top and leopard print skirt while attending a baby shower.

Jordan and Harvey’s breakup has gotten a lot of attention because the two seemed so happy together before the news of their breakup went viral. They even joyfully walked the red carpet for the vanity fair Oscars after-party in late March and appeared to be content to share their date night on social media. Jordan was very vocal about his happiness with the skin care entrepreneur, despite his reputation for keeping his personal life quiet.

Final Conclusion on Lori Harvey and Micheal Jordan Relationship

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