Liv Portio DBL Jewelry: The SuccessStory You All Wants to Know

Liv Portio DBL Jewelry

In just three years, this little jewelry company turned a 40 initial investment into 1.2 million dollars in yearly revenue. Rather than using any paid advertisements, creator liv Portillo built DBL jewelry into a seven-figure enterprise.

DBL Jewelry was transformed from an arts and crafts side hustle to a company that generated $400,000 in revenue in November 2021 by one organic social media post at a time.

In this article, I’ll explain why those social media postings were successful and how you can use what you learn to launch and expand your own company. Please read this article all the way through if you want to learn some truly helpful information. 

When liv shared pictures of her jewelry on Snapchat, her friends enquired about purchasing some and expressed a particular interest in her personalized name necklaces. Now, that defies common sense.

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When a company’s most popular item is custom and handmade, scaling is uncommon. Since you need a team to help you mass create custom handmade jewelry, and you can’t recruit a team to help unless there is a high demand for your goods, that takes us to the first post that aided in the expansion of DBL Jewelry.

Friends, if you do not know this thing, then I want to tell you here that there are some such custom products of DBL jewelry, due to which there has been a lot of profit in their business.

Tik Tok Videos Made Her Billniore

the story of liv’s success Ever since it was published in march, this tik-tok has had almost 5.7 million views. One million tik-tok fans were added to the live audience in a single day thanks to the tik tok videos.

This is the counterintuitive brilliance of custom-made product sales in the time of tik-tok. Even though liv had previously presented her products on tick tock, this was the first time she had demonstrated to her customers how she made her jewelry.

Customers are keen to understand how new businesses make their products after spending more than a decade admiring polished finished things on Instagram.

I’m going to demonstrate how I mail my orders to you people. I use this website called Pirate Ship since it offers me a shipping discount. Now we need to print the label. Because it doesn’t utilize ink, I highly recommend it for small enterprises.

It seems absurd that she would literally list the websites and tools she uses to run her business for anyone who wants to compete with her, but that is precisely how these posts helped liv grow her tiik-tok account, according to liv, who claims that because everyone is self-centered in their own way, they won’t follow you.

They’ll adhere to you for them. for you, they’re going to follow you for information and that’s exactly what happened here. liv gained a ton of followers interested in entrepreneurship and lives growing tick-tock following was great social proof for anyone interested in DBL Jewelry. 

Final Conclusion on Liv Portio Jewelry: The Success Story You All Wants to Know

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