Kajol Phadnis Biography

Kajol Phadnis Biography

I’ve been having a career crisis this month, so I decided to write down the reasons I selected consulting and share them with everyone to help. You are aware of if consulting is the best choice for you.

Now, many occupations that give you extremely intriguing challenges to solve train you up, but consulting truly stands out as a career option.

This is true for anyone who has recently graduated from college or who is trying to change careers. So let’s go right to why I believe consulting is a fantastic career choice.

Consulting provides you with the opportunity to work on a number of different projects, which implies it provides up so many different exit opportunities. 

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You Can Enhance Your Skills in Consulting

Therefore, consulting enables you to broaden your skill set in many different sectors if you’re just out of college.

I don’t believe there is another profession that allows you to work in as many diverse fields as consulting does, including finance, retail, healthcare, and a variety of other business areas like marketing, sales, and IT.

I required this often since, as you may be aware, I become bored easily and rapidly. Consulting provided me with the fresh challenges I needed, and it can also do so if you are simply unsure of your career goals.

Don’t worry, consultation can allow you to understand what you do like and what you don’t like, and when you realize what you do like you’ve gained so many different transferable skills.

Consulting Job Comes With Exciting Opportunities

You can enter just about every opportunity you want to thanks to it.

Another reason I picked consulting is that you work with some very senior executives from your client, and the sensation you get when you affect their clients’ consumers and staff is actually ridiculous in comparison to most other jobs.

Early on in your career, you’re likely to interact with senior leadership, including potential members of the C-suite. It might even be the leaders of businesses, but I’m not kidding when I say that it takes my colleagues several rounds of promotions before they even have the same access to those people that we do.

Some of the issues your clients are facing are entirely normal. You could be helping governments to build cities, you could be working on lower T schemes and you could even be working on the Olympics. 

Consultants Can Travel to Their Dream Destinations

I can’t even begin to express how satisfying it is to see your efforts mentioned in the media and the difference you’ve made for both your client and society.

I won’t linger on this too much, but fundamentally consulting pays you to travel, and it depends on two factors when you join.

When I joined consulting, I was too broke to travel and I wanted to experience other cultures and nations. First, the location of your project, followed by your company’s organizational structure.

For instance, Deloitte North and South Europe actually amalgamated, giving me access to all of those projects in those nations as well. Additionally, large companies use a tool called succumb and you can kind of go on loan to another country’s office as well. 

What More Consulting Can Offer You?

And when your contract expires, you’ll essentially return to your first employer.

Since people are the core of consulting, not many occupations actually offer well-thought-out career development, but it is now necessary to consider this from analyst to junior consultant to senior consultant.

You typically receive a promotion every two years. Since you must fulfill some very fundamental requirements before moving on to a manager, it is typically guaranteed.

Because there are criteria that you must fulfill, but at least you have instructions on what to do. Consulting businesses are aware of the greater level of highly clever and competitive individuals.

So, they require these professional advancement options within their Organizations, otherwise, they’ll simply depart to work for other firms. 

Final Conclusion on Kajol Phadnis Biography: Why You Must Choose Consulting?

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