Love is in the air: Ivanita Lomeli and Lucas Dobre Love Story

Ivanita Lomeli and Lucas Dobre

Lucas and Marnus Dobre both are twin brothers and social media sensations. They both are famous YouTubers and quite famous personalities on various social media platforms.

Both brothers are famous for their prank videos and challenge videos. They both have a huge fan following and millions of subscribers on their YouTube channel.

However, In this article, we are not going to talk much about their professional career. Instead of that, we will talk about their personal life and the love story of Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli.

It is now public that Lucas Dobre is in a relationship with famous social media sensation and Instagram model Ivanita Lomeli. Let’s try to figure out Lucas Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli Love Story.

Before we move to our main article, let’s try to know more about Ivanita Lomeli.

Who is Ivanita Lomeli and why she is popular?

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Ivanita Lomeli is one of the most popular and high demanding Instagram models. Along with Instagram, she is also quite popular on TikTok and YouTube. She has more than 5 Million plus subscribers following her on the YouTube channel.

Ivanita Started her Instagram career back in 2018 and got immense popularity due to her beautiful look and charming personality. People started following her and at the end of the year, she became a social media sensation with a whopping amount of followers.

Ivanita is much more active on her Instagram account and along with it, she is also doing well on TikTok and YouTube. Recently she has also started her own YouTube channel to share her daily life vlogs and prank videos.

Ivanita basically hails from Mexico. However, her family moved to the United States before her born. As she was born in the Virginia state of the USA, she currently has American citizenship. She also has one younger brother and sister in her family.

Soon after earning some decent amount of money via Instagram, she bought one car for her younger brother to fulfill his dream. Then after she also bought a luxurious car for her mother and for herself too. I think the above statement is enough to prove Ivanita’s popularity on social media platforms.

Though Ivanita is very successful on Instagram, maximum people still know her as Lucas’s girlfriend. The real truth is her fan following got doubled when Lucas publicly introduced her as his girlfriend.

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The reality of Lucas and Dobre and Ivanita Lomeli Love Story

Many people still believe that Lucas and Ivanita’s love relationship is quite new and they both are still figuring out about their love life. However, this is not true at all. They both are in a relationship with each other since the year 2015.

Lucas and Ivanita’s first meeting with each other is really a very interesting story. This story is as follows.

Back in those days when Lucas and Marnus both are gaining popularity through their prank and challenge videos, Marnus challenged Lucas to kiss one girl at a grocery store as a part of their YouTube video challenge.

Lucas accepted that challenge and kissed one girl at that grocery store. Eventually, this girl was Ivanita Lomeli. So, that is the story of their first meeting.

After their first meeting, they both really became very good friends with each other and exchanged their contact numbers. After some time, they both started dating each other.

Who Proposed First?

It was Lucas, who first realized that he is madly in love with Ivanita. So he proposed to her. Ivanita had also some feelings for him, that’s why she accepted his proposal and soon they started dating each other.

They both are in a relationship with each other for more than 6 years. The love between both of them is increasing day by day. Their chemistry with each other is outstanding and it is clearly seen in their Instagram posts.

However, they both faced the biggest rough patch of their relationship when they both have an ugly splat with each other and decided to broke their relationship and called it off.

But, soon they both sorted out their relationship-related issues and started dating each other again. They both are really an inspiration for those couples who broke up their relationship after just small fights.

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Ivanita Lomeli and Lucas Dobre got engaged to each other a short time ago. But both of them have no intention of getting married at the moment and they both are focusing more on their respective career.

Ivanita and Lucas both are actually famous for their prank videos. Their romantic prank videos with each other are nothing less than love. Their chemistry is really very amazing and they both look so cute together.

We pray to God that this pair always remain the same throughout their whole life and keep entertaining us like this forever. The team of Relationship blog is signing off here and will see you at some other interesting article.

Final words on Ivanita Lomeli and Lucas DobreLove Story

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