Is Power Bi Going to an End?

Hello, I’m Bintu, and I’m glad you’re back on my channel today. I typically get two inquiries: the first is, “Why am I not receiving Power BI calls,” and the second is, “Is Power BI going to disappear?”

Despite the fact that these two queries are different, they both have the same solutions. I already discussed increasing Power BI calls in one of my posts, but I still want to discuss it today because the two concerns are partly connected and I feel like I can give some more information. So, to address the first query, why don’t you receive power BI calls?

When you upload your resume to websites like or, an algorithm will scan the search terms in the job description and attempt to match your resume to those terms.

Therefore, you must ensure that your resume uses all of the bus terms. Bus terms are the technical terminology or technologies that the need might have, if it makes sense.

You Must Have a Knowledge of SQL along with Power BI

If you have knowledge with SQL, you may construct these identical queries in SQL server and work as a SQL server developer. Given that SQL is the language that Oracle uses, you might also work as an Oracle developer or Oracle database developer.

In other words, if you have knowledge of one language and believe that certain other languages are likewise linked. You can also list the languages on your CV that can improve callbacks.

As a result, most Power BI resumes will include mention SQL server if you are aware that Power BI requires a server. This means that if you include SQL Server, you may also add Oracle and Big query.

The majority of businesses are moving to the cloud these days, and one of the languages they are utilizing is big query, making it the newest buzzword. Consequently, if you are able to write SQL, you will also be able to write the query in big query because big query also uses SQL.

Import SQL Skills on Your Resume

Therefore, if you are include SQL on your resume, make sure to also include SQL Server and Oracle Bigquery. I realise there may occasionally be a small difference in syntax, but there is a small learning curve.

With power bi, you may catch up in just one or two days. But since Power BI is a reporting tool, most reporting guidelines apply to it as well. Most of it will be the same.

There will only be a few minor variations. If you are familiar with Power BI, you can learn the fundamentals of Tableau and add it in your CV when you have done so. It doesn’t hurt you; instead, it just makes better calls.  it’s not that i’m asking you to lie because the technologies are similar. you can. i’m just trying to say you can make use of these. 

Therefore, if you are familiar with power bi, you can also include tableau, but I do realise that tableau is not exactly like power bi. There will be some variations, but the learning curve is extremely small; you might be able to catch up in one or two days.

Therefore, if you are familiar with Power BI, also incorporate Tableau and SSRS. Include all of these terminology, such as power bi desktop, power bi reports, power bi dashboards, and power bi paginated reports tableau SSRS, as if you know how to produce SSRS reports, you will also know how to make power BI paginated reports.

They are all covered by the same awning. So, you may also include Google Cloud Studio if you are familiar with Power Bi or Tableau.

Final Conclusion on Is Power Bi Going to an End

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