How to Wear Cotton Saree in Kerala?

Wearing a cotton saree in the Kerala style is a traditional way of draping a saree that has been practiced for centuries in the southern Indian state of Kerala. The Kerala saree, also known as the Mundum Neriyathum, is a two-piece garment consisting of a white or cream-colored cotton mundu, which is a long rectangular cloth, and a neriyathu, which is a shorter cloth worn as an upper garment. In this guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of how to wear a cotton saree in the Kerala style.

Step 1: Choose the right saree The first step in wearing a Kerala saree is to choose the right saree. Cotton sarees are a popular choice for the Kerala style, and it is important to choose a saree that is lightweight and easy to drape. The saree should also have a simple and elegant design, with minimal embellishments.

Step 2: Prepare the blouse The blouse worn with the Kerala saree is usually a simple and plain one, with short sleeves. It is recommended to choose a blouse that matches the color of the saree, or a neutral-colored blouse that complements the saree.

Step 3: Tie the mundu The mundu is the lower garment worn with the Kerala saree. To tie the mundu, start by tucking one end of the mundu into the waistband at the back, and then bring the other end of the mundu around the waist to the front, tucking it into the waistband as well. The mundu should be wrapped around the waist once, and the excess fabric can be pleated and tucked in at the front.

Step 4: Drape the neriyathu The neriyathu is the upper garment worn with the Kerala saree. To drape the neriyathu, take one end of the neriyathu and drape it over the left shoulder, making sure that the end of the neriyathu falls just above the knee. Then, take the other end of the neriyathu and wrap it around the waist, tucking it into the waistband at the back.

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Step 5: Adjust the pleats Once the neriyathu is draped, adjust the pleats of the mundu at the front. The pleats should be evenly spaced and should fall straight down. Make sure that the pleats are tucked in securely.

Step 6: Adjust the neriyathu Finally, adjust the neriyathu to ensure that it is draped neatly and evenly over the shoulder. The end of the neriyathu can be tucked into the waistband at the front, or draped over the arm.

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In conclusion, wearing a cotton saree in the Kerala style is a beautiful and elegant way of draping a saree. By following these simple steps, you can achieve a traditional and timeless look that is perfect for any occasion.





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