How to Remove Home Screen Layout Lock?

On Android devices, a feature called “home screen layout lock” enables users to lock the placement of their home screen widgets and icons to prevent unintentional rearrangement.

Users that prefer a particular layout and don’t want to deal with the trouble of constantly rearranging their icons may find this functionality to be helpful.

The home screen layout lock can be removed in some cases, though, either because you no longer require it or because it is interfering with the operation of your device. This article will describe how to unlock the Android home screen layout lock.

Step 1: Open your device settings

Open your device’s settings as the first step in unlocking the home screen layout lock. You may reach the quick settings menu by swiping down from the top of your screen and selecting the gear icon, or you can press on the Settings app icon in your app drawer.

Step 2: Navigate to the home screen settings

You must go to the home screen settings after you have opened your device’s settings. The location of the home screen settings should typically be under the Display or Home screen section of your device settings, though it may differ slightly depending on the device and version of Android you are using.

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Step 3: Disable the home screen layout lock

You should be able to see a setting to enable or disable the home screen layout lock once you’ve located the home screen settings. To disable the lock, simply change this setting to the off position.

A different option to reset the home screen layout may be available on some devices, which will also unlock the layout. The home screen layout lock option may be found in the same part of your device settings as this one.

Step 4: Save your changes

Make sure to save your changes by pressing on the Save or Apply button, as appropriate, after disabling the home screen layout lock. This will make sure the home screen layout lock is totally eliminated and that your device remembers your updated settings.

Final Conclusion on How to Remove Home Screen Layout Lock

In conclusion, unlocking the Android device’s home screen layout lock is a quick and easy operation that only requires a few basic steps.

You may quickly and simply unlock the door by following the above instructions, giving you greater freedom and control over how your home screen is laid out.





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