How to Increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

How to Increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

Increasing your score multiplier in Subway Surfers is essential for achieving high scores and climbing the leaderboards. In this guide, I’ll explain various methods and strategies to boost your score multiplier in Subway Surfers, step by step.

Collecting Coins: The foundation of increasing your score multiplier in Subway Surfers is collecting coins. Coins are scattered throughout the game, both on the ground and in the air. Make it a priority to grab as many coins as possible during your run. The more coins you collect, the higher your score multiplier will be.

Coin Magnet Power-Up: One of the most effective power-ups for collecting coins is the Coin Magnet. This power-up attracts nearby coins, making it easier to collect them. Use your collected keys to unlock and upgrade the Coin Magnet in the shop. A higher-level Coin Magnet will be even more effective at increasing your coin count and, consequently, your score multiplier.

Upgrade Your Character: Each character in Subway Surfers has unique abilities and stats. Some characters have abilities that increase the coin collection rate, which indirectly boosts your score multiplier. Consider investing in characters like Jake, Tricky, or Fresh, as their abilities can help you collect more coins during your runs.

Complete Missions: Subway Surfers features a variety of missions that reward you with coins and other bonuses when completed. These missions often involve tasks like collecting a certain number of specific items or achieving specific objectives during your run. Completing these missions not only provides you with coins but also contributes to leveling up your multiplier.

Weekly Hunts and Events: Participate in the weekly hunts and special events that Subway Surfers frequently offers. These events often come with unique challenges and rewards, including score multipliers. Completing event-specific objectives can help you earn additional multipliers for your runs.

Hoverboards: Hoverboards are valuable items that can protect you from crashing once per use. When you crash while using a hoverboard, it will break instead of ending your run. Additionally, some hoverboards increase the coin collection radius, helping you gather more coins. Try to unlock and use hoverboards that have these coin-boosting properties to enhance your score multiplier.

Character Upgrades: In addition to their special abilities, characters can also be upgraded using coins. These upgrades typically improve various aspects of your character, such as speed, jump height, and coin magnet duration. Invest your coins wisely in character upgrades to enhance your gameplay and increase your score multiplier potential.

Complete Daily Challenges: Subway Surfers offers daily challenges that provide you with additional rewards, including coins and score multipliers. These challenges are relatively easy to complete and can significantly contribute to your multiplier growth over time. Make it a habit to check and complete the daily challenges.

Double Your Multiplier: You have the option to double your score multiplier at the end of a run by watching a short video advertisement. If you’re confident in your performance and want to maximize your score, consider taking advantage of this feature. It can effectively double the score you earn during your run.

Use Score Boosters: In the shop, you can purchase score boosters that increase the score you earn during your run. These boosters can be particularly useful when combined with other strategies like using power-ups and collecting coins. While these boosters don’t directly increase your score multiplier, they help you earn more points, which ultimately contributes to a higher multiplier.

Combo Multiplier: Subway Surfers rewards you for chaining together various actions like jumping, rolling, and collecting power-ups. The longer your combo, the higher your combo multiplier becomes. To maintain a high combo multiplier, stay alert, and perform actions consistently throughout your run. Combos can substantially boost your score.

Stay Alive: Lastly, it’s essential to stay alive for as long as possible during your run. The longer you run without crashing, the higher your score multiplier will go. Focus on avoiding obstacles, using power-ups wisely, and staying on the tracks to maximize your run’s duration.

Final Conclusion on How to Increase Score Multiplier in Subway Surfers?

In summary, increasing your score multiplier in Subway Surfers requires a combination of collecting coins, using power-ups, upgrading characters and hoverboards, completing missions and challenges, participating in events, and maintaining combos.

By following these strategies and consistently improving your skills, you can achieve high scores and climb the leaderboards in this popular endless runner game. Remember that practice makes perfect, so keep running, and you’ll see your score multiplier soar.





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