Have You Ever Seen Lord Krishna?

Intense devotion to Lord Krishna led to the development of yoga power in Lord Krishna’s love. ‘Devotion and knowledge are two ends. Starting with devotion and reaching the end of knowledge

Ronald Nixon, the pilot of the Royal Air Force of England, who was going to bomb Germany as a pilot of a bomber in World War I, suddenly had a rare spiritual experience. Some divine grace saved him from his German enemies.

From that day on, he started reading spiritual texts.

He heard the words of the Upanishads about rain falling in the barren desert, studied Swami Vivekananda’s Gyan Yoga, and finally became convinced that he would not find the path of the ultimate path of knowledge anywhere other than Vedanta.

Nixon then joined Lucknow University as a Professor and was introduced to the Chancellor of the University, Shri Gyanendranath Chakraborty. Gyanendranath Chakraborty’s wife Monikadevi was a vidushi and Jajvalyaman was a rich woman. She was known as the ‘Empress of Mijlas’ as she was fond of staying at Mijalsos and parties.

Her guest house was full of foreign guests and when Ronald Nixon met Monica Devi, he realized that her appearance was very different one day he shaved Monika Devi’s head, left the householder’s house, and became ‘Yashodama’ from Monika Devi.

Gods like Lord Krishna and Ganapati were real to Yashoda. In this context, Yashodama said, ‘I saw him (Lord Krishna) with my own eyes! I have seen it as I see you all now.

Like Shrikrishnaprem, the famous English doctor Alexander of Lucknow Civil Hospital also took initiation from Yashodama and became an Ashram dweller by taking the name ‘Haridas’.

Yashodama’s youngest daughter named Motirani was the third Ashram dweller besides Haridas in Yashodama’s abode in Yashodama’s ‘Uttar Vrindavan’ Ashram in Mirtola area of ​​Almora. She broke the bondage of the world for Yogasadhana and became a disciple of Lord Krishna. At the behest of Yashodama, Lord Krishna gave him Krishna Mantra.

Intense devotion to Lord Krishna led to the development of yoga power in Lord Krishna’s love. It is said, ‘Devotion and knowledge are two ends. Starting with devotion, one reaches the end of knowledge, and starting with knowledge, one reaches the end of devotion. ‘ Adishankaracharya provides an excellent example of this.

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