Seven Facts About Erika Kullberg Biography That Will Blow Your Mind

Erika Kullberg Biography

Erika Kullberg is a lawyer who specializes in personal finance.

Big news media giants like CNBC, US News and World Report, Business Insider, Washington Post, and others have all featured her in their articles.

She also holds degrees from Georgetown Law and the University of Notre Dame.

She worked as a corporate lawyer for many years, representing Fortune 500 businesses, before founding Plug and Law, an online legal firm that assists internet business owners and entrepreneurs with legal agreements.

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Her story of becoming an attorney entrepreneur is definitely something you would like to know about it because it is really very inspirational.

Today, through this post we have devoted our precious time to writing about Erika Kullberg in detail. If you’re someone who is also looking to know about her in detail then kindly read this article till the end.

Erika Kullberg Biography

Erika grew up and was born in Japan. His father is American and his mother is Japanese.

She was quite lucky after graduating from law school since she was offered a job with a very nice wage package at the world’s most prestigious corporate legal firm.

This job paid so well for her that she was able to manage all of her expenses all the while enjoying a lavish lifestyle.

But something happened in the interim that transformed Erika’s life and pushed her to start her own business.

Actually, Erika claims that she has worked really hard since the beginning, and as a result, she has earned the highest income in the corporate office.

Perhaps her profession had grown so demanding that she found it impossible to dedicate time even to her family.

What is the Reason for Starting Something Own?

According to Erica, while she worked as a corporate lawyer at a major corporate law firm, she dedicated her full time to it.

However, when her grandfather was hospitalized, she was not granted leave from work, and her grandfather soon died after that she was so kind of busy in her job that she wasn’t even able to spend the final days with him.

After this incident, she realized that money isn’t everything in life, and that your time is equally important.

Erika was also informed that she had obtained her lawyer’s degree only for the purpose of assisting some less disadvantaged in the future.

However, she was working for a corporate firm whose clients are huge companies, and it has very little touch with lower-level people who can’t afford their legal services.

Initial Struggle and Success

Erika thought for a long time before deciding to leave her well-paid position and start her own law company, as well as a YouTube channel.

Initially, all of her co-lawyers cautioned her against leaving a high-paying position, warning her that she would fail.

However, she did not lose heart and started her own YouTube channel, which is now one of the most popular and fastest-growing in terms of content engagement and gaining new subscribers every day.

  • Erika currently has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos on a variety of topics relating to attorneys and finance.
  • She imparts excellent expertise to her viewers through her content, and as a result, her subscribers appreciate her content very much. 

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