Elizabeth Philips Biography

Elizabeth Philips Biography

Relationships are challenging; you need to carve out time to keep in touch with them when things aren’t going well.

You may know me mostly as a medical student, but I’ve had a long journey with art that has been filled with dread, confusion, insecurity, and passion.

Today, I wanted to talk about one of my most complex personal relationships, which is with art.

Therefore, today I’ll give a thorough walkthrough for those of us who are torn between two very distinct hobbies and explain how I transitioned from this to this throughout all of the stages of my artistic career so far in this article. 

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Since From Childhood, I am Passionate About Arts

Let’s begin immediately. creation is the first stage, particularly in the case of art. I suppose in some ways that my interest in art dates back to my earliest years, but there is a catch to this.

I don’t believe I was naturally talented, to begin with. I simply had a strong desire to excel in every subject and lead my class. I, therefore, made a great effort to excel in my painting class as well.

If that makes sense, then I don’t think I was particularly talented; rather, I was just a young child who was really determined.

However, as I grew older, things started to change because I was no longer required to take painting classes at school. 

However I found myself even more attracted to art and I think this was because when I was younger, I used to watch a lot of documentaries and read a lot of encyclopedias. 

How I Develop My Love for Art?

I became somewhat interested in the background information about art, including its cultural, historical, and personal relevance.

I can still clearly recall being engrossed in this kind of material and thinking that art is just incredibly cool.

I grew utterly enamored with it because of its strength, symbolism, and quality, and I yearned to own it despite the fact that it was difficult for my parents to actually buy me genuine art on my own.

They were content to merely purchase my canvases and paint since I didn’t have any.

When I Skipped Arts For Medical Studies

I’m just so passionate about science and medicine that I didn’t see how I could ever make artwork on its own.

I, therefore, assumed that it would simply not succeed, forcing me to devote all of my effort to enrolling in medical school, becoming a medical student, and essentially abandoning art.

As you are aware, this is a fun activity that I enjoy doing in my spare time, but it isn’t particularly significant.

So, regrettably, I neglected that interest of mine for a few years and didn’t create any drawings or paintings.

I would continue to read a lot about it, continue to watch my entertaining films, and secretly hope that one day it will happen to me but unfortunately, it never happened to me. 

When I Find My Passion For Arts Again

The Renaissance is the third stage of my arc trip. I am so thankful for it because when I started medical school, I realized that I just had all this free time and I finally had the space to kind of go back to art again.

I guess the way that I paint frequently is that I’m feeling something in my life and I try to make sense of it in what is happening by usually journaling or doing something of the sort, and then I try to find some artistic way to symbolize it.

So, in my dorm during my first year of medical school, I created a physical painting for the first time in a very long time.

I just refound my passion for art again I guess and I started to pay a bit more attention to it. I went all in kind of drawing anatomy whenever I had the chance to justify that it was for learning purposes.

Final Conclusion on Elizabeth Philips Biography: How I Designed My Life

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