Drishti Sharma Biography: No Creator is Real on Social Media.

Drishti Sharma Biography

So when I record a video in my room and not in my bookshelf setup, you can tell it’s just one conversation.

We won’t discuss dopamine, phone addiction, research papers, or scientific studies in this article because we all understand how harmful and deceptive social media is. We will cover three topics.

The first is my experience using social media platforms as both a content creator and an audience member. Second, why are we unable to be genuine on social media?

And finally, what are some potential solutions? I started posting content on YouTube and Instagram in 2020, but I only started using them to consume content in 2013-14.

How I Became a Content Creator?

So, compared to the creator, I’ve used these platforms for a longer period of time as a user. When I first started watching these videos, I would comment on how well he had said something, cracked a joke, or clarified a concept.

But as I’ve created all those videos, I’ve come to realize that not everything is entirely accurate, and I’ll explain why. Prior to producing a video, a topic is chosen. which frequently results in a large number of views for the creator, more subscribers, and popular topics.

Consequently, the video was created on that hot topic. So that video will be pushed by that algorithm. Then based on that video which means that based on the topic.

The script is written. 2 to 3 drafts have been made for every script Based on the final draft, the video is shot.

If I give you a rough idea then It takes me 30 to 40 minutes to shoot a 10 minutes video. Because it requires many retakes and fumbles if you’ve spoken a wrong word or you haven’t spoken a word properly. We have to retake it or it hasn’t been spoken with enough energy, so repeat it and deliver it with good expressions.

Why Does Content Creator Always Seem Joyful?

It is decided that this photo is the best one after taking a few others. This lines up. Consider a productivity video that I provided to you in a packaged form and that you watched.

It took a full week to create that video, and after watching it for just ten minutes, you might think that this girl has a well-organized life and is a productive young woman.

She always seems joyful, and where does she get all of her energy, etc. However, this is not the whole story. You see, even though we creators aren’t lying to you, we can only show you a portion of the truth because we only have 24 hours.

I must therefore present something fresh in terms of the situation, the background, my attire, my appearance, or my conversation. Due to the fact that I have now joined the media industry, I must sadly offer you something useful.

But earlier, when I was the viewer, I used to believe that everything on the screen was real. I used to think that whoever made a productivity video was a very productive person.

You might remember from my glamorous projects that I exercise regularly and follow a structured schedule. I told you the routine in that video from 9 to 12, then from 12 to 3, etc.

But I didn’t follow that routine, I followed it for some time. Now you don’t know about me not following the routine. I have had many ups and downs in my life So I make videos only when there are ups in my life.

Are You Being Jealous of Content Creators?

So that a natural smile will develop on my face. It ought to originate internally. I’ve only displayed my best qualities to you. And once you see it, you might also become confused Why is my life like this if her life is like that?

But in truth, my life is very similar to yours. Let me tell you that the things you see constantly are true now that I am a part of this industry. With the aid of effective PR, SEO, or another marketing strategy, they are being displayed to you.

These days, it’s impossible to see anything naturally occurring. These are some of my older videos where I used whatever was available at the time in terms of clothing, makeup, lighting, and other factors.

I used to make videos in front of the camera and genuinely, I wanted that I can help others with the help of my content. But now, I have gone very deep in content because now it’s my full-time.

It has become a job for me so I see very much data, SEO, analytics, descriptions hashtags, etc. I think that initially my innocence is somewhat getting lost. But in reality, it’s not like that because here comes my second point.

Why Can’t We be Real on Social Media?

Tell me, when do you take pictures or videos?

When you are at a party or when you’ve achieved something very good Or you have got a celebration. Most people take pictures or videos of good moments. Nobody wants to remember bad memories.

Couples while celebrating their anniversary uploads pictures of happy moments on social media. Nobody clicks the pictures while fighting. Unless and until you are Shraddha Kapoor.

“This is the first selfie of our first fight I am uploading it” In real life, we all have evil sides or evil faces We don’t want to show it on social media otherwise, nobody will like us.

In fact, after a certain point, I also started feeling like I am portraying. Drishti Sharma, who is liked by the people, and who knows if I am not like this in real life.

After a certain point, every creator or actor who is performing in front of a camera starts thinking that I am living a character that is there only in front of the camera.

Final Conclusion on Drishti Sharma’s Biography: No Creator is Real on Social Media

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