Dhoni’s Rotation Policy in Cricket Was a Scrap: Gambhir

Rotation Policy in Cricket – Friends, we all know that Gautam Gambhir has always had a sour relationship with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. That was an obvious reason he frequently criticizes the former Indian cricket team captain in public.

However, this does not indicate that he dislikes Dhoni because he has spoken out in support of Dhoni on numerous occasions.

Actually, Gambhir and Dhoni’s enmity began during the Triangular series in Australia in 2012, when Gambhir publicly questioned Dhoni’s finishing skills.

Dhoni also responded openly by saying that each player has a distinctiveness and that no one has the right to express criticism upon it. From here, for the first time, the news of the rift between Dhoni and Gambhir came out in the media, which eventually spread like a fire in the entire cricketing world.

Dhoni’s Rotation Policy in 2012 Triangular Series

Friends, we are all aware that the 2011 World Cup was played in India, and the Indian cricket team has also won that World Cup. However, India’s cricket went into a downward spiral after losing the Test and one-day series in England, and then having to face a whitewash in the Test series in front of Australia after that Worldcup win on Indian Soil. 

Following bad performances in countries like Australia and England, Indian cricket captain MS Dhoni soon realized that Australia’s grounds are quite large and it makes Gambhir, Tendulkar, and Sehwag unable to field in the proper way and that’s why the team requires new youngsters who can contribute in both fielding and batting.

Rohit Sharma, like Suresh Raina and Virat Kohli, was recognized as a strong fielder for India’s cricket squad at the time. But the issue was that, due to the availability of the experienced players in the team, Rohit Sharma’s spot was not being fulfilled at all, and Dhoni was upset because he also wanted Rohit Sharma to play in the team under any circumstances.

Finally, Dhoni made the daring choice as he was the captain of the squad, notifying Tendulkar, Gambhir, and Sehwag that he would only be able to play two of the three in the playing XI due to Rohit Sharma’s presence in the middle order.

However, Dhoni’s plan failed miserably, and the Indian cricket team faced a humiliation defeat in that series in the absence of one particular senior player in each match. In fact in a do-or-die match against Sri Lanka Dhoni again played all the seniors simultaneously and India won that match comprehensively too with the help of Kohli’s unbelievable 133* through chasing the target of 321 in just 39 overs, but the team failed to qualify for the finals.

Rotation Policy in Cricket was a Scrap for me : Gautam Gambhir

Friends, we all know that India lost the triangular series in Australia in 2012, and Dhoni’s rotation policy was also criticized too much. It was also reported that Dhoni has received a lot of reprimands from the BCCI for making biassed decisions such as this rotation policy. However, in his defense, Dhoni stated that he was preparing together some kind of team for the 2015 World Cup, which was going to be held in the Australian sub-continent. 

Friends, Gambhir had never spoken openly about this rotation policy during his career, but after retiring and joining the commentary panel, he openly criticized Dhoni’s decision of implementing rotation Policy in an interview given to the private TV channel.   This interview was also posted on The Lallantop’s YouTube channel.

According to Gambhir, Dhoni was the captain of the team at the time, and it was my responsibility to follow his decisions. However, if I am correct, this decision has been completely scrapped, and whenever the team plays an important international match, the cricket team should only domain its strongest team.

Final Conclusion on Rotation Policy in Cricket

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