Carryminati is Leaving YouTube!!

Carryminati Aka Ajey Nagar is the prime face of the Indian social media and specially on YouTube. He is someone who started a trend of roasting people through his content.

He is one of the most popular YouTubers and Gamers of India. He has a huge number of subscribers on YouTube and enamors amount of followers on other social media platforms.

Today Carry is one of the most popular YouTubers amongst the youth of India. His content is liked by the youth of India very much and he is one of the topmost brand names on India’s YouTube Industry.

He got immense popularity when he roasted popular Tiktoker Amir Siddiqui on the controversy of YouTube Vs Tiktok. That video was one of the most viral videos of that time. His followers almost increased to more than 15 Million after that video went viral on social media.

The followers of Carryminati also believe that he also made a career of Amir Siddiqui by making him famous through that roasting videos. His fans also stated that 90 percentage of them never heard about Amir Siddiqui before that roasting video went viral. If it is true then Amir Siddiqui is really very lucky!!!

Is Carryminati spreading Vulgarity through his videos?

There are two different views regarding the content of Carryminati’s video. Some people think that he is spreading vulgarity in Indian youth by his content as he often speaks lots of abusive words. This kind of people believes that he is decreasing the standards of the Indian social media community.

However, the other group of people actually have different opinions on this matter. These people are those who are supporting him and requesting him to make more and more videos like this for pure entertainment.

They surely believe that he is the new face of what Indian youth actually likes and thinks. What is your opinion regarding this?

However, Carry’s roasting video of Amir Siddiqui was taken down by YouTube as it was violating their community guidelines and they do not want to spread vulgarity on this popular platform.

Why Carryminati is not posting videos?

His followers also requested YouTube many times to remove the ban from that video and make it visible again on YouTube. Despite all the efforts from him and his fans, YouTube is adamant about its decision not to recover that particular video.

Soon after this controversy Carry stopped making videos on his main channel of roasting and the reason is still unknown. However, he is active on his other channel named “Carry is live”, on which he mostly does live streams of his playing activities of various games on the internet.

He hasn’t made any videos for the past 4 months and there is also a rumor spreading that carryminati is leaving Youtube? Let’s find out what is the actual reality behind this.

What is the reality of Carryminati leaving YouTube?

In his recent gam streaming videos, when one user asked him about why he is not making videos on roasting he answered that he has stopped making videos as he is fed up with the controversy happening due to his videos.

He further added that people think that I am spreading negativity and vulgarity, So as of now I have no plan for making new videos on roasting.

From the above statement, it is clear that Carry is giving much attention to his gaming career and have no further plans on making roasting videos again.

However, his fans are still in hope that he will come back again silently and will make the social media platform on fire again. As of now, Ajey Nagar is also busy shooting his upcoming Bollywood film with Ajay Devgan and Amitabh Bachchan.

What do you think will carry leave YouTube or will make strong come back? Please share your views on this specified matter.

Final words on “Carry Minati is leaving YouTube”?

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