CA Rachana Ranade Course Review

CA Rachana Ranade Course Review

Friends, we all know that in today’s time, everyone wants to earn money fast. Many people use many wrong methods to earn fast money and many people also earn money in a genuine way.

In such a situation, if you also want to earn a good amount of money on your investment, then there cannot be an any better option than the share market.

We all know that if you want to earn money from this market, then it is very important to have a lot of knowledge about this market. If you invest money in the market without thinking about anything or following someone’s words, then you may have to lose a lot of money.

That’s why many people will always advise you to invest your money in the right place.

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See you have to understand very deeply to earn money from the stock market and you have to learn about it from someone who is already a master of this field. In today’s time anyway, you will find many such people on YouTube who give free courses to explain the stock market.

You can include Rachna Ranade in some such selected people. Come, today we will try to give you some very important information about Rachna Ranade’s course through this article.

CA Rachana Ranade Course ReviewWhat is My Review?

For those who do not know about CA Rachna Ranade, I want to tell them that she is a Chartered Accountant by education and by money she is also a YouTuber. She basically belongs to Pune and also works in a multinational company there.

In fact, Rachna Ranade used to conduct classes for CA students earlier and from there she also started teaching her students about the stock market. From there she became very famous and after that, she launched her own courses.

However, even today, she is very active on her YouTube channel and publishes her videos every second or third day.

Come, if we talk to you about Rachna Ranade’s courses, then by visiting your official website, you can easily buy the courses made by him. And Rachna Ranade’s course is a bit cheap compared to many market players.

If we talk about the course, then if you want to understand the stock market from scratch, then you can buy the course Fundamentals of Stock Market. I personally believe that being a CA, all its fundamentals courses can prove to be very useful.

However, when talking about technical courses, then perhaps she seems a little inexperienced in all these things. You and someone else can learn about technical expertise very easily.

CA Rachana Ranade Course List (Popular)

SL. NoCourse Name
1Basics of Stock Market
2Magic of Mutual Funds
3Personal Financial Management
4Basics of Stock Market 2.0
5Economics for Stock Market
6Fundamental Analysis

I am sharing with you a review that I read on Quora.

I paid 4000 INR for Rachana Mam’s Basics of Stock Market Course on her official app. Since having $4,000 in the lockdown was a little challenging for a student, I questioned whether it was worthwhile. Still, I purchased it.

My initial impression of her teaching style was formed after viewing her first talk on YouTube. My curiosity grew dramatically as I moved on to lecture 2! She has made a pretty major design choice with the courses. I have all the fundamental information needed to enter the stock market after completing her course on the basics of the stock market.

Then, for some reason, I wanted to enroll in her Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis classes, but they cost 13,000 Indian rupees, and as a student, it was quite challenging to come up with that sum. I was unable to enroll in those classes.

However, two months ago I connected with someone on Quora who provided me both classes for less than half of the cost. I enrolled in those courses right away. I completed her Fundamental Analysis courses yesterday after completing her Technical Analysis course last month.

If anyone can afford these, they are actually worth it even at the listed price. Amazingly, the person who gave me the training also gave me an app with a better user interface than the official one. 

Final Conclusion on CA Rachana Ranade Course Review

I agree that this review is very short. And on many other websites, you will definitely find some dishonest reviews related to this course. I hope that after reading this review of ours, you must have got an idea whether to purchase this course or not.

We hope that by using your brain fully, you will take some good and kind decisions for yourself.

Friends, we hope that you would have liked this article very much. If you liked this article of ours, then please do share it with your friends.





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