Best Petish in Gujarat – Nandi Petish Bilimora

See, the people of Gujarat are very fond of eating new food items and because of this, they spend the most money on food and travel. It is said that Gujarati people are very enthusiastic to eat and play Garba and also their nature is also very sweet and due to this reason they are also very much liked by the people.

When we are talking about food, then today we will tell you about such a place in Gujarat, whose Petish is very famous in the whole of Gujarat. Yes, we are talking about Nandi Petish which you will find in the city of Bilimora in Navsari, Gujarat.

A city named Navsari has situated in the southern part of Gujarat, which is very famous because of the Seashore of the Dandi. The people of this city are considered very fond of food and travel. A town named Bilimora has been situated 20 kilometers away from this city, where Nandi Petish’s shop is very famous.

Nandi Petish Bilimora

By the way, this city Bilimora which is situated near Navsari city is very famous because of the Dholai Bandar and the temple of Somnath Mahadev, and thousands of people come here every day from every corner of Gujarat.

You must also be wondering if that Petish is actually easily available in every corner of Gujarat, then what is the special thing in this petish.

In this case, we want to tell you that in Gujarat, whatever petish is available is usually stuffed from the dry spices, whereas the stuffing of this petish found in Bilimora is made from fresh spices and that’s why the taste of this petish is really very good.

In Nandi Petish, you will get to eat very good quality Khaman along with Petish. If you ever go to Bilimora, then you must definitely visit this place for at least once.

Final Conclusion on Nandi Petish Bilimora

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