Best Pavbhaji and Pulav In Navsari – Jawahar Restaurant Navsari

See, we all know that people in Gujarat and especially in South Gujarat are very fond of food and because of this, you will get to see maximum outstanding food hotels and street foods shops in south Gujarat only. This is the place from where you can actually find out maximum food carters in entire Gujarat.

Although Navsari city of South Gujarat is a very small city it is very famous because of the Dandi March which was happened during the Freedom Fighting struggle of India. Even today people come from every corner of the country and abroad to visit the seashore of Dandi.

also very fond of food and if you ever go to Navsari, then you must definitely taste the pulao and pav bhaji of Jawahar restaurant which is actually situated near the Railway Station of Navsari.

Jawahar Restaurant Navsari

Like we have already told you that this restaurant is actually situated within the walking distance of the railway station and the pulao, pav bhaji and Chinese items of this restaurant are very famous.

The special thing about this restaurant is that due to its proximity to the railway station, as well as the license of this hotel, it remains open till 2 o’clock at night.

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In such a situation, if you are hungry at night and you want to eat something from outside, then you can definitely come here and enjoy the food.

Bavji Pulao of this restaurant is very famous. According to the owner of this restaurant, a cook of this restaurant had started making this pulao using the combination of normal pulao and bhaji, which was very much liked by the people of Navsari.

Also, the items of all the Chinese foods are available at a decent price so that normal people can also afford them very easily.

If you ever visit this city then kindly do not forget to visit this restaurant.

Final Conclusion on Jawahar Restaurant Navsari

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