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Aurelius Tjin Biography

People will pay for convenience, and this is the fundamental secret to selling anything online or offline. Yes, you read it correctly.

As obvious and unsurprising as it may sound to you, people will pay for convenience. Many individuals don’t truly grasp this and instead focus on how they can resolve the challenges, annoyances, and problems of their clients.

They consider how they might earn money quickly and quickly.

Take McDonald’s, either by doing this or that. For instance, it’s far more convenient for you to order through that restaurant than somewhere where you have to walk in and then wait to receive your food because you can drive through and take your meal in just a few minutes.

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Aurelius Tjin YouTube: Create Products That Actually Sell

model items and services for your own Generally speaking, you can produce goods or services. based on the sum of the three major categories.

One is a product or service that can be completed on your own. a software, an online course, or an ebook, for instance. your pupil or consumer must go through your information, assimilate it, and then apply and act on it.

This isn’t the most convenient option, but it is the simplest to kind of throw out there. where no effort is needed of you. Simply selling the item is all that is required. They will need to take action on their end, whether it is a one-time purchase or a recurrent one. 

The second category is “done with you” goods and services. Since you’ll essentially be guiding your student or customer through the process, technique, or system that you teach, in most circumstances it qualifies as a service.

This could involve mentoring, coaching, or other activities that fall under that category. The final category is “kind of service,” which basically implies that your client, customer, or student won’t need to put in any effort on their end once you install.

Let’s suppose you install or preload certain email marketing campaigns within their email marketing platform, which is regarded as a done-for-you sort of service, or let’s say you build their website for them.

What is My Approach?

In general, you may charge more for a product or service the more convenient you can make it.

Every time I come up with a new product concept, I consider points a to b. That is how I transport my client as rapidly as possible from point A to point B.

I like to utilize the bridge approach for this, where the consumer starts at one end of a horizontal line.

You want to lead them to what is essentially the end result since here is where their troubles and frustrations are. You know who could be paying off their debts.

Final Conclusion on Aurelius Tjin Biography: Create Products That Actually Sell

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