Anuj Pachhel Biography: Mastered Consistency and it Changed My Life

How frequently have you made a decision to do something only to give up the following day? It might be as easy as getting up early or going to the gym, or it might be a little more difficult or difficult like studying.

Every single day, perfecting the art of consistency is the only answer to this problem.

Consistency is the process of repeating an action over and over in a specific amount of time, and believe me when I say that once you master this art, your life will be filled with success. This is because when you practice something a lot, you usually end up getting better at it.

Anuj Pachhel Biography

Hello, I’m Anuj Pachel. I’ll discuss the 10 ways you can be more consistent and experience great success in this video. I’m a final-year MBBS student at Governmental College in Nagpur.

The first step is to set a specific goal for the entire week. You can break down your goals into different categories, such as going to the gym six times, filming three videos, or studying for four hours every day.

When I was a Neet aspirant, I used this technique frequently because every Thursday we had a mock test that included questions from everything we had learned over the previous week.

So my only goal for one week was to complete the syllabus which was taught to me. for that week and guess what happened after giving every single weekly test I was very very confident that I will have to study every single week and no matter what I cannot miss it because otherwise my performance will start decreasing. 

Another example is that whenever I’m making a video for this channel I have one and only one goal every single week I have to make at least one or two videos for the channel and that keeps me going because I know that this is my goal and I have to achieve it. so once you know what you’re working towards once you have a weekly objective your entire body and your entire brain function to focus on that objective and get the work done.

I also set up weekly objectives for studies that are completing five or six videos.

Every single day for seven days would give me 35 videos. make sure that you are reminding yourself of these objectives by setting up reminders or pasting them on your wall or setting up a text for wallpaper for the same though but make sure that you know that this is your objective and this is how you can achieve it.

Having computable results is the following consideration.

What I mean is that you are working for something whenever you are doing something. One of the main reasons why people don’t go to the gym regularly is that even if you work out for an hour over the course of six days, you won’t notice much of a difference on the seventh day.

If you don’t see results right away, your monkey brain goes back and makes you feel like you shouldn’t be doing this. only after three, four, five, or six weeks do you actually begin to notice any changes in your body.

Most of the habits you’ll come across won’t be like this; instead, most of them will be measurable which means if you want to complete a subject you can see how many video lectures you have completed.

If you want to complete a question mark you can see how many of them you have done and how many are left every single time, you watch a video or solve a question. 

Final Conclusion on Anuj Pachhel Biography: Mastered Consistency and it Changed My Life

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