All You Want to Know About Nischa Biography

Nischa Biography

Nischa is a Banker (with an accountancy qualification) and she explores all things personal finance, self-development, and business. I hope you enjoy the ride where she shares everything to create the life of her own design.

She used to think that all she needed to do to succeed in life was work extremely hard, but now, ten years later, she realizes that it takes a little bit more.

She decided that it would be interesting to guide you through her exact plan for becoming a millionaire by the age of 32 today. Everything she will be discussing has been gleaned from her own experience of what has and hasn’t worked for her, as well as insights she has gained from reading the works of the greatest financial and business gurus in the world and psychological research on the human brain.

How She will Become Millionaire By 32?

She is All About Making Passive Income

This is based on the observation that the majority of people work for pay, but you can never get wealthy working for pay because salaries grow linearly, meaning your income is inversely proportional to the number of hours you put in.

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Furthermore, relying solely on income is dangerous because it stops arriving in the event that you decide to quit your job or are fired. Because passive income streams don’t require you to exchange your time for money, they have the ability to expand non-linearly, she has come to learn over the past few years that you should also concentrate on creating them.

Once you set up one passive income source on autopilot and let it run, you have more time to concentrate on other others and grow your income more and more. because the ones that are on autopilot are continuing to bring in money for you without you needing to even devote any more time to it.

The second thing she will be doing is thinking in terms of the first principles that she first came across. this concept in an interview with Elon Musk and the idea of it is that just because things have always been done a certain way that doesn’t mean it’s the best way and that it’s the right way and we must not be afraid of it. 

(2) Connecting With the Right People

The second step she will take to reach that million-dollar goal is In an hour, Mark was able to save her that forty thousand dollar by making use of other people’s abilities.

She used to believe she could solve problems on her own and save money by doing things independently. There is a saying that states if you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.

But she has since come to understand that everyone has a variety of distinctive qualities and skills, and that is essentially how they earn a living. She recognized that she needed to transfer a property she had purchased into another firm after doing so under a company structure and she needed to move it into another company and she realized to do this.

She would need to pay over forty thousand dollars in different forms of taxes. if you live in the UK you know what that is try to Google frantically why she needed to pay this if there were examples where other people didn’t pay it. if there was a way around this.

She then spoke to her friend who told her why don’t just speak to a Tax Advisor that’s why they’re there. For so she forked out. what killed her at the time was 200 to speak to this tax specialist and they gave her a completely legal tax efficient strategy which saved her from paying that forty thousand dollar.

Had she not done that she would have just ended up paying that money and not knowing any better. so in a world where hard work is no longer a competitive advantage because let’s face it, everyone works hard the Competitive Advantage in actually thinking expansively and connecting with the right people to accomplish your goals. 

(3) She Believes in the Compounding Effect of Money

The idea of the little Edge is the third item she’ll keep in mind as she works toward her objective. This is based on the book The Tiny Edge by motivational speaker Jeff Oslin, who claims that the slight edge is the cause of both success and failure.

That is the notion that the seemingly insignificant actions we choose to do or not do on a daily basis have a cumulative impact on who we ultimately become.

She frequently refers to the penny-compounding parable, in which two people are given the option of receiving a million dollars at the start of the following month.

That’s it a flat straight check of one million dollars. here you go or choose to receive one penny at the beginning of next month but that Penny doubles every single day for the next 30 days the person who chooses to go with that flat one million dollars Mark got that one million dollars great.

But the person who chose to go with the penny that doubled every single day ended up with 5.3 million dollars. This is the right strategy to become a millionaire by the age of 32. 

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