All You Want to Know About Kamlesh Modi Foodie

Food Vlogging has become a trend in India in today’s time and many new content creators are now earning a lot of money by working in this niche as well. But many of these Food Vloggers are also very famous and we can add Kamlesh Modi’s name to one such food vlogger.

Kamlesh Modi who basically hails from the Gujarat state and makes food vlogging videos in his native language Gujarati is actually very famous being very famous for his amazing food vlogging content.

Kamlesh Modi Biography

Born in Baroda, Gujarat, Kamlesh Modi belongs to a very poor family, and his father used to drive a rickshaw to make a living for his house.

Kamlesh Bhai had seen his father working hard to run the house since childhood and because of this, he himself had become even more advanced to work hard since childhood.

Modi who was not quite well in his studies failed in 10th standard and ultimately gave up on his studies and moved to Morbi, Gujarat in order to find a new job to bear all the living expenses on his shoulder.

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Along with doing the job, he got the idea of ​​doing food vlogging from a snack shop and later he started making videos of food vlogging from his mobile, and in today’s time, he is really a very famous food Vlogger amongst the people who basically hails from Gujarat.

Kamlesh Modi has till now visited almost every major city that is actually quite famous for the best taste of the food and till now he has covered more than 40 cities around Gujarat and Madhyapradesh for food Vlogging videos and almost having 1000 plus videos already available on his YouTube channel named Kamlesh Modi I’m foodie.

Recently, Kamlesh has also visited Dubai and also made so many food vlogging videos there too. Actually, people are also liking his content and they are actually made for his videos too as the subscriber’s count is actually increasing day by day.

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