All You Want to Know About Abhinav and Kari Love Story

Abhinav and Kari are two names that you surely have come across at some time in your life. If you are acquainted with their names, we would like to inform you that they are both Indo-English couples now residing in England. Both of their love stories are quite strange, and it is for this reason that we will tell you about their love story in detail through this amazing post.

Abhinav and Kari Love Story

Abhinav and Kari first met in 2009 when Abhinav got a contract to produce an Orphanage documentary film. It is obvious that Kari was on a tour of India at that time and she herself was associated with the work of that orphanage.

However, their first meeting was not communicative at all. Soon after, her work got over, Kari went to the United Kingdom again and start living her normal life.

On the other side, after working with Kari for a time, Abhinav virtually forgot about her, and the two of them had lost touch. Although it is stated that individuals who are intended to be with each other would never be parted, Abhinav and Kari experienced the same thing.

When Kari relocated to the United Kingdom and started working normally, she was able to contact Abhinav again through the social media site Facebook, and strangely, they both began communicating with each other through Facebook messaging, which they did for a long time.

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It was a Kari who first fell in love with the Cinematographer Abhinav who proposed to him the being in a relationship with her and later on he also accepted the former’s proposal.

After proposing to each other, Kari once again came to India and also met Abhinav’s family. When she came to India for the first time, she stayed in Delhi at that time but now she was living in Dehradun and because of this she was very happy too.

According to her, she was in love with Dehradoon at that time and that’s why initially decided to move to India after the marriage. However, ut=ltimately they both mutually decided to move to the United Kingdom as their native place of living.

Right now, they both are happily married to each other and are enjoying their life with each other in a very happy manner.

Final Conclusion on Abhinav and Kari Love Story

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