Ali Abdaal Biography: How I Build My Dream Product?

Ali Abdaal Biography

Who am I?

  1. I’m a doctor working in the UK. I studied Medicine for 6 years at Cambridge University and graduated in 2018.
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Ali Abdaal Biography: How I Build My Dream Product?

I’ve had literally hundreds of responses over the past few years from folks asking me where I obtain my MacBook skins. In the past, I had to look in many different places for this particular aesthetic.

But a few weeks ago, I wondered if I couldn’t just create my own line of phone and laptop cases. So with this business idea in mind,

I did the only logical thing I could and asked on Twitter who the best firm to work with would be if we wanted to create and sell our own bespoke MacBook skins.

I received an absurd amount of responses, all of which mentioned the same company.

They have some pretty fantastic items and have previously collaborated with several creators, like Pewdiepie and Linus tech tips.

You can only imagine how happy I was when they replied to my tweet and then slipped into my DMS to start this partnership with the brand, which is my absolute dream project.

I then shared a mood board of design ideas with them and sort of described to their robots the look I wanted.

They took those concepts and produced five extremely stunning designs. It was then time for manufacturing, and just so you know, this is the first time that the brand has ever given anyone a behind-the-scenes peek at how their procedures work.

I Made a Website for Myself

The first stage involves printing these drawings on a very large printer that produces pages that are eight feet wide and hundreds of feet long. Next, robots from the company grab that giant piece of paper and run it through a clever, proprietary laminating machine.

Our unique matte lamination safeguards both the design and the equipment.

Because once we get this gigantic laminated piece of paper, it’s on anyhow. The second phase is cutting, and there are these automated machines that operate around the clock to make six-foot by six-foot slices of every single design, making sure that every design that is cut is exactly in accordance with the requirements.

The Pallets collection, a collaboration between me and the brand, is available on their website, and every item is shipped from their Toronto location as well. I can only say that this website is really fantastic. I personally have some experience in web design, and when I first saw it,

I thought, “Oh my God, this is actually just so excellent.” The idea of sort of ice and fire, this type of cold and warm, and kind of these two elements marrying was the inspiration for this design, which is now the one I have on all of my devices.

Everyone who has seen my phone or my AirPods on my laptop over the last several days has said, “Wow, where did you buy that cover from?” I just think it looks wicked.

Ali Abdaal Biography: How I Build My Dream Product?

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