All You Want to Know About HumptyDumpty2 YouTube Channel.

Friends, YouTube has evolved into a valuable source of knowledge in today’s world, and as a result, the number of video providers is steadily expanding.

Friends, if seen, who does not want to earn money by working in a nation like Canada, but this possibility is not available to everyone. As a result, anyone who is lucky enough to be given such an opportunity is regarded extremely fortunate.

In one of such couples who is fortunate enough to move to Canada for the permanent perspective, we can definitely include Shreyati and Shashank in this list for sure.

Well, If you are someone who is not aware of them, then we would definitely like to tell you that they both are content creators who are currently living in Canada and making lifestyle-related videos and uploading on their YouTube Channel named HumptyDumpty2.

So, Basically, in this article, we are going to discuss Shreyati and Shashank in detail. If you are someone who is also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

HumptyDumpty2 YouTube Channel

HumptyDumpty2 is one such YouTube channel where you can see a variety of vlogs on the Canadian lifestyle.

The owners of this YouTube channel are a couple named Shreyati and Shashank, and the information on both of their channels is really instructive and beneficial, and it may greatly assist immigrants.

Let’s see what we can find out about Shreyati and Shashank.

Shreya and Shashank are content creators based in Canada. They basically hail from India and both are also working IT professionals.

Before moving to Canada, they both used to work in India’s IT City-Bangalore, but due to their insistence on working in Canada, they had left their Bangalore job and have now set their career in foreign.

Before moving to Canada, they really faced some tough challenges of finding jobs in Canada and moving problems, and so on. However, their persistence with their dream helped them to remain motivated, and finally, they are now happily enjoying their lives together.

To move to Canada, Shashank first started applying for jobs. After struggling to find jobs for almost 1.5 years, he has got a very high-paying job.

After getting the job, he first moved to Canada and at present, his wife Shreyati is living there as his dependent. They both are also blessed with a Baby boy named Kabir, who also often appears in their recent vlogs.

So, their main goal is to create a YouTube channel called HumptyDumpty2 in order to share vlogs of their Canadian lifestyle and to help as many people as possible with sufficient and accurate information about the immigration process and Canadian lifestyle to Couples who really want to move to Canada but are having problems.

Currently, their YouTube channel has approximately 25k subscribers but based on their content, I am confident that this channel will continue to expand significantly.

Final Conclusion on HumptyDumpty2 YouTube Channel

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