Mika Kim Consulting: Consulting is Worth For Me!!

Mika Kim Consulting

My name is Mika Kim, and I formerly worked as a consultant for one of the top four consulting organizations. stating the benefits of consulting.

Just a brief reminder that everyone’s experiences will vary, so don’t take this advice literally; rather, think of it as an insight from one former consultant’s perspective, without any more context.

(1) I Have to Build an Amazing Professional Network

First, let’s talk about network growth. As you are probably aware, working in consulting entails working on numerous projects with various supervisors.

You will interact with a variety of team members and clients, which means you will make new friends. When you consider a job in a traditional business, you usually wind up sticking with the same team, having the same supervisor, and working with primarily the same individuals.

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But while you consult, your surroundings will alter continually. Projects might last anything from one week to several years. Obviously, each person’s experience may vary, but for me, the majority of projects lasted a few months.

I, therefore, worked on roughly 10 different projects over my two years at Deloitte. Through those projects, I have met so many different people and they ended up all being connections. at the end of the day consulting for me really helped me grow my professional network. 

(2) I Got a Chance to Working With So Many Other Industries

You’ll be working on a range of different projects, as I mentioned in consulting.

Consequently, you get to encounter a variety of industries and obtain a sense of how other businesses function.

I’ve worked with companies in the financial industry, higher education, the oil and gas industry, insurance companies, and government agencies.

I was consequently exposed to several industries, which is something I would not have been able to do otherwise. I wouldn’t have had the chance to work part-time for an oil and gas company anywhere else.

You also gain exposure to diverse industries while getting a behind-the-scenes look at these varied businesses’ workplace cultures.

So, this actually did help me extend my vision a little bit, which I thought was amazing because it really helped me make that decision of what field I wanted to be in. 

(3) Consulting is a Good Career Option (You Can Learn So Many Things)

Let’s talk more about the lessons you take away from your daily employment.

I’ve participated in initiatives where my function was a strategy for a client who was undergoing an acquisition.

I worked on projects as a functional business analyst before transitioning into responsibilities in engineering and technology because they were a little more in line with my interests.

This was amazing because I got to try out all these different positions and eventually decided that I wanted to become a software engineer full-time.

After trying out all these different roles, I even had a project where I remember being a scrum master. I believe consultation to be really beneficial.

(4) Exit Strategy

I’ve seen consultants depart for, as I indicated, a variety of various professions and businesses. since you get to learn about and gain experience in many sectors and jobs.

When you decide to leave consulting, all of these seemingly little experiences you have come to add up to a door that opens by itself.

I’ve also had coworkers get scouted by clients they’ve generally worked with, receiving a sizable salary raise and perhaps a promotion, which is another exit strategy that works out pretty well.

Since you already get along with your new employer.

As an example, I’ve heard of cases when someone who was only a consultant received a job offer from one of the clients that loved working with her because she was just so awesome. 

(5) My Work-Life Balance is Not So Well

Work-life balance was virtually non-existent throughout my time in consulting, which is why, as I’ve already mentioned, consulting may not be a good fit for you.

There is undoubtedly the “grinding culture,” where long hours are expected of you and working on weekends and holidays was also very normal. This was awful, but it did give me a strong work ethic.

I gained knowledge on how to efficiently manage my time and handle several tasks at once. In addition, working in consulting exposes you to a lot of people with so-called type A personalities.

I developed the ability to push myself over my comfort zone and always improve.

Obviously, I couldn’t maintain such a lifestyle, which is why I  left but now at my current company if I ever run into a situation where I have a ton of work I need to manage I’m able to handle time pressure and stress much better than I used to back when I just started out my career. 

Final Conclusion on Mika Kim Consulting: Consulting is Worth For Me!!

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