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I already spoke a lot about why you should be a consultant, so now I wanted to make a typical sit-down video and go over some major reasons I love consulting. benefits and drawbacks of consulting.

Since I’ve been doing consulting for close to four years, I firmly believe that I am qualified to answer all inquiries about a career as a consultant.

I Can Work With Diversified Industries

The range of industries is the first factor that makes consulting fun for me. You will be introduced to consultants who genuinely assist organizations in solving challenges, which implies that we can learn about just about any industry.

I’ve personally had the opportunity to work with businesses in a variety of industries, including non-profit, retail, hospitality, food service technology, agriculture, healthcare, and insurance.

As a result, I’ve gained knowledge about many different industries in addition to honing my consulting skills. each new project, which has been really fascinating.

I Can Work on Transferrable Solutions

This brings me to my second point, which is that even if you work with diverse industries and it’s true that some have a greater learning curve than others, in consulting you employ transferrable solutions.

For example, in my experience, I found that healthcare is a lot more nuanced and specific than some other industries. 

Regardless of industry, difficulties faced by businesses are often the same. especially in the change management consulting that I provide, which is heavily focused on people and how they handle change regardless of the industry they work in.

It’s wonderful that I can pick up new skills from the various industries to which I am exposed, but on a related note, I can also specialize in the solutions that we offer with each project that I complete.

Because I have had the chance to work in several industries, I get to collaborate with many amazing businesses and leaders.

I also encounter brands that I use or that I just use every day so I always find it interesting especially if it’s a company that is just so well known and so pervasive in society to get to learn about their strategy and the people that work there. 

I Have to Work With the Top Executives of the Companies

We frequently deal with the executives of those organizations, which I find to be really inspiring because everyone has a unique career story that led them to where they are today.

I enjoy hearing about the various success stories. The fourth is working with a team of extraordinarily talented individuals.

For each project, I assemble a unique project team, which typically consists of at least one additional consultant and, depending on the scope of the project, possibly more, as well as graphic and learning designers, artists, and filmmakers. approaching close to signing the deal for a project.

I work in legal, so I get to observe every day the various talents that individuals bring to the table and as a consultant.

I try to bring those out so that we can work together with our collective strengths for the better of the project it’s always a good reminder that you’re on a team and you have something to offer and so does everyone else that is a very unique number

I am Able to Work From Anywhere in This World

The ability to work remotely is number five. As long as you’re not traveling to the client side, consulting is one of those careers on the list, even if this is probably true for many other professions as well, especially during the current pandemic.

Working from any place greatly aids in maintaining a healthy work-life balance for me. I don’t believe this is the case too often these days.

Not only because I can work from home and save commuting and other hassles, but also because my family lives in Los Angeles, so I can travel there and work from there for a few weeks.

When the holidays or another important event takes me to the West Coast. So having the flexibility of working from anywhere is the major plus doing the consulting job and this is also one of the major reasons why I love doing the job as a consultant. 

Final Conclusion on Kchoi LinkedIn Consultant: Why I Love Consulting?

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