Is Messi Bad at Taking Penalties? – Here is the Real Truth

Is Messi Bad at Taking Penalties? – Friends, both Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are well-known in the football world as players who have been nicknamed “The Greatest of All Time.”

Both of them have astonished the audience with their brilliant football playing abilities and both are presently the most coveted players in this domain of sports. 

It is important to understand one thing about Messi and Ronaldo that they both are really good friends, yet they are each willing to create their best on the field of play that why the situation creates when their fans actually feel that there is surely a rift between them particularly on the field of football.  

In fact, there was a time when Real Madrid and Barcelona’s football clash was only watched because both of them are considered as the Greatest of the All-time.  

If noticed, Messi is the best player in the world of football after Ronaldo at this time, with no weaknesses in his game and, when examined technically, he is a tougher opponent than Ronaldo.

 However,  Messi’s conversations about the penalties have always been questioned by Ronaldo’s supporters.

Is Messi Bad at Taking Penalties?
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Messi is Failing in converting penalties into the goal?

Messi is one of the best football players in the world today, and it would be foolish to raise questions about his skills, but the real truth is that Messi is the only player in the twenty-first century who has missed the highest penalties in his entire career in this century. 

Messi has missed 29 penalties so far in this century and that’s why people started raising questions on his techniques too. 

Another crucial fact to remember regarding Messi is that he misses more penalties since he also takes more penalties strokes. He has taken a total of 103 penalty shots thus far and had missed 24 of them.

Apart from this, he had also converted 79 penalty kicks into the goal, earning such a conversion rate of approximately 77 percent, a little lower than Ronaldo’s rate of 81 percent.  So In this way, we can tell that Messi is not so far behind converting penalties into the goal in comparison to Ronaldo. 

The research done by a football fan behind Messi’s misses was quite shocking. According to the research done by this fan, Messi hits the most penalty strokes in the left and right side of the goalkeeper and that’s why he never strikes the shot to the goalkeeper’s front side and this could be a reason for his conversion rate being low. However, I really don’t believe in this shit.

Is Messi Bad at Taking Penalties?
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Ronaldo’s Strategy to Convert Penalties into the Goal

On the other hand, the fan also stated in his research report that Ronaldo is better at converting penalties to goals because he usually strikes the corner of his left side, which is the goalkeeper’s right side. Because of that despite standing in the center, the goalkeeper has been unable to reach the ball, and Ronaldo scores the goal.

Messi’s and Ronaldo’s kick speeds were also discussed in greater detail in a research report. According to this report, Ronaldo runs more before taking the penalty shot, and as a result, he is able to produce more power, which allows him to hit his goal more easily. Messi was also deemed to be a little lazy in this research report when it came to running and kicking speed.

Final words on Is Messi Bad at Taking Penalties

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