IIT Rorkee Data Science Course Review

IIT Rorkee Data Science Course Review

Friends, we all know that if you want to get a good and high-paying job in today’s time, then there can be no better option than data science in today’s time.

Unemployment has become such a situation in the world today that it has become very difficult for everyone to get a job in the IT sector.

If you want to get a good salary package in a field like data science, then first of all you have to get the related certifications of this field from a place from where you can get a very good salary package.

Everyone is well aware that not everyone can pursue their dream of attending an IIT. But you need not worry as a result of this. All IITs now recognise the value of data science, and as a result, they are all offering data science courses.

Yes, this is another factor contributing to how pricey their courses are. However, you can definitely have a good career in this field once you have completely studied all of these courses.

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My Honest Review on IIT Rorkee Data Science Course Review

See, you can definitely view the free lectures offered by all of these IITs on YouTube if you are on a tight budget and believe that IIT’s Data Science courses are too expensive. You’ll be able to decide whether you want to buy this course after seeing these speakers.

People frequently believe that after paying for and finishing IIT courses, they will become experts in the field. If you are also thinking along these lines, my buddy, you are entirely mistaken. Data science is a pretty broad field, as you can see.

In reality, you must greatly improve your programming and analytical skills if you want to land a solid career in this field. When you become skilled, employers won’t hesitate to offer you a nice position.

I have personally observed the free lecturers of these institutes if I am to speak about the mothers of IITs. By the way, you can comprehend every single topic he covers with ease. However, their professors lacked a certain practical approach that I found lacking.

You see, comprehending the theory is one thing, but putting it into practise is quite another. Because of this, I will not at all recommend these lecturers to you if you wish to watch their free films from a practical perspective.

IIT Madras Data Science Free Lectures List

Lecture No. Topic
1) Introduction to Data Analytics
2) & (3)Python Fundamentals – I and II
3) & (4)Central Tendency and Dispersion I and II
(5) – (10)Probability : Intoduction to Advanced
(11) – (15)Sampling
(16) – (20) Hypothesis Testing
(23),(24) &( 25) ANOVA
(28), (29) & (30) Linear Regression
(31) – (35) Advanced Regression Models
(36) -(40) Logistic Regression Models
(46) – (48)Chi- Square Test
(49)- (55) Cluster Analysis
(55) -(60)Classification and Regression Trees
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What Quora User Has to Say?

Just a few days ago I read an answer on Quora. I liked him very much too. I am going to share the same answer here.

I’m glad I enrolled in this course since I feel like I learnt a lot through the live online lectures, several projects, and homework.

Just finished the final project and presented it to the instructors to complete the formal certification process. I was very familiar with Python programming and had done a lot of practice before enrolling in this course.

Any course of this sort would be difficult for someone who is completely new to programming to stay up with, but it is not impossible.

Highlights of the course

(1) Educators are Highly Experienced

Instructors with extensive expertise and knowledge. Additionally, they encourage everyone to raise questions and get answers before continuing with the course. On numerous occasions, the teachers prepared extra lectures and made extra notebooks to answer the students’ questions and problems.

This is exceptional and should not be assumed in many other online courses. In many lectures, all the questions—whether they came from the finished subjects or not—were addressed first, and only then would the scheduled topic begin.

It was a fantastic approach to get knowledge from others’ experiences. The CloudxLab team showed that rather than concentrating on finishing the course, their major goal was to transmit knowledge and help the students learn.

Instead of disregarding the criticism, like in one instance, they are quite receptive to it. A vibrant WhatsApp group where teaching assistants were constantly ready to answer questions.

(2) End to End Projects and Forums

Multiple coached and gamified end-to-end projects to practice and master the general strategy to approach a certain problem Following every topic that is presented in class, there are MCQs, guided projects, optional projects that you can tackle on your own, etc.

There is a forum where code can be shared, questions can be asked, and feedback is offered. I use the term “gamified” because receiving the right answer earns you XP points, which stand for experience points. This is an excellent method for encouraging students to engage in the exercises. 

One can practice whenever it’s convenient for them because the lab is open around-the-clock. If you’d prefer, you may alternatively utilize the CloudxLab kernel and upload your own dataset.

There is a space limit, of course, but for educational purposes, this was adequate. If there is an issue, it can be solved by posting a message to a What’s App group or discussion forum. In some circumstances, sending an email is necessary.

They might need to formally register the complaint. Each project and assignment has a dedicated discussion section where you can talk with other students who are working on or have worked on the same subject. If not the students, you would probably hear from the teaching assistants.

Final Conclusion on IIT Madras Data Science Course Review

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