Hum Tum In England – The Journey of Middle-Class Girl From India to the United Kingdom

Hum Tum In England

Friends, who do not want financial independence in their life? It is said that if you have financial independence then you can achieve all the things easily and can enjoy your life smoothly.

As we all know that the salary rate in India is quite very low and that’s why if you really want to achieve financial independence then no better option is available than doing a business or going abroad in order to earn money.

In fact, the maximum number of students who go abroad from India is having a dream of completing their education smoothly and settling there at any cost by finding a handsome salary package job. However, doing the same is actually not everyone’s cup of tea and one has to work really very hard to achieve this milestone.

Although, there are so many people already available who have achieved this milestone of studying abroad and settling theirs by finding valuable jobs their even after coming from middle-class family background and Hum Tum in England YouTube channel’s Avi is the best example of it. Today, through this article, we are going to share her story of getting PR in the United Kingdom, England.

The Journey of Middle-Class Girl From India to the United Kingdom

Gaurav and Avi are the owners of Hum Tum in England’s YouTube channel who live in London and keep sharing their vlogs about the UK’s lifestyle on their YouTube channel. Their content is also liked a lot by the people. Right now, their YouTube channel is having almost 50 thousand subscribers on it.

Avi, a small-town girl, who basically hails from Faridabad, always had a dream of studying and settling abroad. Her dream started in her mind when she was just studying in 12th class.

Basically, she has a mindset of studying abroad soon after completing her school degree but due to family pressure, she has to study for a bachelor’s degree in Gurugram, Delhi, and then decided to complete her master’s in management in the United Kingdom itself.

According to Avi, her family has been very supportive from the very beginning and they have respected each and every one of her decisions. It was also her father’s wish that his daughter should study Abroad and achieve financial independence in her life and this little wish of her father kept motivating Avi even if she belongs from a small town named Faridabad.

Avi is someone who has been always hard-working from the beginning and that’s why she chooses Computer Engineering as her graduation degree and later on, she decided to complete her master’s in management and that too from a country like the United Kingdom.

We can easily conclude the fact that getting admission to the top universities of the United Kingdom is actually very tough and competitive. However, her steer determination also helped her to achieve this endeavor too.

Being coming from a middle-class family, she came on the soil of the United Kingdom by taking a loan and then went to live in his maternal uncle’s home during her graduation days. She literally worked very hard and found a job as a storekeeper and nowadays she is having her dream job as a cyber security analyst. Her Journey is actually really very special. isn’t it?

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