How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing?

How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing?

To wrap your hands for boxing, follow these step-by-step instructions:

Gather the necessary materials: You will need hand wraps, which are long strips of cloth or elastic specifically designed for wrapping hands, and a pair of boxing gloves.

Start by positioning your thumb: Place your thumb through the loop at the end of the hand wrap. This loop will help secure the wrap in place.

Begin wrapping the wrist: Hold the end of the hand wrap against the back of your wrist with your palm facing up. Wrap the hand wrap around your wrist several times, making sure it is snug but not too tight. This will provide support and stability to your wrist.

Move towards the base of your thumb: After wrapping the wrist, continue to wrap the hand wrap diagonally across the back of your hand, moving towards the base of your thumb. The wrap should pass over the back of your hand and then under your palm.

Wrap around your thumb: Once you reach the base of your thumb, wrap the hand wrap around it a few times to provide extra support and protection to your thumb joint.

Move towards your knuckles: From your thumb, continue wrapping the hand wrap diagonally across your hand towards your knuckles. Make sure to leave your fingers free to move.

Secure the knuckles: When you reach the knuckles, wrap the hand wrap around them a few times, ensuring that the wrap sits snugly against your knuckles. This will help protect them during impact.

Wrap around the thumb again: After securing the knuckles, bring the hand wrap around the back of your hand and wrap it around your thumb once more. This additional loop around the thumb provides further support and stability.

Continue towards the wrist: From the thumb, wrap the hand wrap diagonally across your hand, moving towards the wrist again. Repeat this process several times, covering the entire hand and wrist area with overlapping wraps.

Secure the wrap: Once you have covered your hand and wrist, make a final wrap around your wrist to secure the hand wrap in place. Ensure that it is tight enough to provide support but not so tight that it restricts blood flow.

Repeat for the other hand: After completing one hand, repeat the entire process for the other hand. It is important to wrap both hands before putting on your boxing gloves.

Test for comfort and flexibility: After wrapping both hands, make a fist to check if the wraps feel secure and comfortable. You should be able to move your fingers and thumb freely, while still feeling the support and stability provided by the wraps.

Put on your boxing gloves: Once you are satisfied with the hand wraps, put on your boxing gloves over them. The gloves will provide an additional layer of protection and support to your hands.

Final Conclusion on How to Wrap Your Hands for Boxing

Remember, it is crucial to wrap your hands properly before engaging in any boxing or martial arts training. Proper hand wrapping helps prevent injuries and provides support to your wrists, knuckles, and thumb joints. If you are unsure about the wrapping technique, consider seeking guidance from a boxing trainer or coach who can provide hands-on instruction and ensure that you are wrapping your hands correctly.





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