Why the Couples are Adopting the Option of Family Honeymoon?

The young men and women of the present generation are quite different from the previous generation.

They do what they think is right and good.

They practically refuse to accept some of the norms of the family and sometimes even start new practices that no one could have imagined.

One such new trend they have started is Familymoon.

It is not common for a newlywed to go on a honeymoon after marriage.

After months of preparations for the wedding, it is only natural that their family also gets tired and this is the main reason why they should be given a chance to relax.

So if a familymoon is arranged instead of a honeymoon, it could become a viable option for the family members too.

Let us try to explain in detail about Family Honeymoon aka Familymoon in detail. Well, If you are someone who is also looking for the same then kindly read this article till the end.

All You Want to Know About Familymoon

Shirin Mirza, a small screen actress, got married to Hassan Sartaj, a young man from Delhi, a few months back.

The couple’s family had gone to Uttarakhand with the newlyweds. “Newlyweds usually prefer to go on a honeymoon,” Shirin said.

But if our family is working so hard for our marriage, can’t we plan to go out with them? After such long planning, they should also get a chance to relax.

So the two of us got together and went for a walk. And we thoroughly enjoyed that time.

Prerna, who lives in Delhi, and her husband Sagar believed the same thing. Prerna says we went to Kerala and Tamil Nadu for Familymoon.

We went to places like Rameswaram, Thrissur, Guru Vayur, Madurai, Cochin.

My father-in-law as well as all the members of my own family were together and they got to know each other. In this way, a bridge of affection and understanding was established between them. We had a lot of fun for 10 days.

Newlyweds, such as young ladies and their husbands, feel that having a familymoon soon after marriage is very impossible if they believe that after a few months, they would all be together and go on a stroll.

Until everyone is focused on their task. Even before the ceremony, the newlyweds had already left town. They are so happy to be back together that they don’t see the use in going on a honeymoon to get to know each other.

When arranging a familymoon, there are a few things to keep in mind.

A married couple’s parents, for example, are likely to be 40 years old or older. If they have a health concern in this situation, take extra precautions.

Similarly, it’s conceivable that one of the bride’s or groom’s siblings’ offspring is younger. As a result, find a location for the family’s vacation where they will have access to all of the amenities.

Final Conclusion on Why the Couples are Adopting the Option of Family Honeymoon

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