Baggit vs Esbeda: Which is Better?

In the realm of fashion and accessories, the choice of a brand often reflects personal style, quality, and individual preferences.

Baggit and Esbeda are two prominent Indian brands that have carved their niche in the handbag and accessory market.

Both brands offer a wide range of products, from handbags to wallets, catering to various consumer tastes.

This analysis will delve into key aspects such as design aesthetics, material quality, pricing, brand reputation, and consumer feedback to provide an in-depth comparison between Baggit and Esbeda.

Design Aesthetics:

Baggit and Esbeda have distinct design philosophies, appealing to diverse consumer segments.

Baggit is known for its contemporary and edgy designs that often incorporate innovative elements, making its products stand out.

The brand tends to target the younger demographic with its vibrant colors and modern patterns.

On the other hand, Esbeda focuses on a more classic and timeless approach to design, appealing to a broader age range.

Their bags often exhibit elegance and sophistication, making them suitable for both casual and formal occasions.

Material Quality:

The quality of materials used in bags is a significant factor in determining their durability and overall value.

Baggit is reputed for using high-quality synthetic materials that mimic leather, ensuring a cruelty-free approach while maintaining durability.

These materials often resist wear and tear, making Baggit bags suitable for everyday use.

Esbeda, on the other hand, emphasizes genuine leather in its products, catering to consumers who prioritize authentic materials and are willing to invest in a more luxurious feel.


Price points play a vital role in consumers’ purchase decisions. Baggit tends to position itself as a more affordable option compared to Esbeda.

The brand’s pricing strategy aligns with its target demographic of younger, price-conscious consumers.

On the contrary, Esbeda positions itself as a premium brand due to its use of genuine leather and more refined craftsmanship.

This premium positioning reflects in the higher price tags of Esbeda products, appealing to consumers willing to invest in quality and luxury.

Brand Reputation:

Both Baggit and Esbeda have established themselves as recognizable brands within the Indian accessory market.

Baggit’s reputation is built on its innovative designs, affordability, and commitment to cruelty-free materials.

The brand has garnered a loyal following among the younger generation, especially those seeking trendy yet affordable options.

Esbeda, meanwhile, is known for its premium quality and classic designs.

It caters to consumers who value elegance, and its reputation is bolstered by its use of genuine leather.

Both brands have built their own distinct identities, resonating with different consumer preferences.

Consumer Feedback:

Consumer feedback is an invaluable source of insights into the actual product experience.

Baggit generally receives positive feedback for its affordability, wide range of designs, and durability.

Its products are often praised for their vibrant colors and innovative features. On the downside, some users might find the synthetic materials less luxurious than genuine leather.

Esbeda, in contrast, receives acclaim for its premium quality and timeless designs. Consumers often appreciate the luxurious feel of the leather products and their durability.

However, some feedback notes that Esbeda’s higher prices might limit accessibility for certain consumers.

Final Conclusion on Baggit vs Esbeda: Which is Better?

Choosing between Baggit and Esbeda ultimately comes down to individual preferences and priorities.

If you value innovative designs, affordability, and a cruelty-free approach to materials, Baggit might be the ideal choice for you.

On the other hand, if you prioritize genuine leather, classic designs, and are willing to invest in premium quality, Esbeda could better align with your preferences.

In essence, Baggit offers a vibrant and contemporary appeal with a focus on affordability and innovation.

Esbeda, meanwhile, caters to a more refined and classic taste, prioritizing premium materials and craftsmanship.

Whichever brand you choose, both Baggit and Esbeda have left their mark on the Indian fashion landscape and continue to offer diverse options for accessorizing in style.





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