Why did Emma Chamberlain Left Her YouTube Empire?

Emma Chamberlain’s sudden rise to stardom has taken an unusual path, from high school dropout to top-rank YouTuber. Let us take you on a journey of how Emma become one of the most influential YouTubers today.

Emma Chamberlain was born in San Bruno, California in 2001 and is an only child. Her parents divorced in 2005, and by the age of six, she was watching youtube videos for fun and to feel less alone, or as she puts it in an interview with the New York Times, “it felt like I had friends who were cool and it was people that I may be admired.”

Emma began filming herself at a young age, usually for class tasks, but by high school, she and her pals had progressed beyond their class assignments and began filming their own crazy dance routines to humorous tunes they’d found online.

Why did Emma Chamberlain Left Her YouTube?

The soon-to-be star then decided to start her own youtube channel, and within two years, she had amassed an impressive 8 million subscribers and was regularly churning out videos that expanded on the editing style that had her friends and family rolling with laughter, but all of that hard work paid off.

Long hours of editing took its toll on Emma, who got back problems and strained her eyes to the point of needing glasses, as she told the New York Times, “I feel like I’m 85 years old because my eyes do get pretty strained.” By using zoom-ins and cutaways frequently, the work paid off with rich, hilarious content that seems authentic and accessible.

Emma left San Bruno for the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles in 2018, when she was only 17 years old, to expand her influence. By 2019, it looks like my decision to go to Los Angeles was the right one. While in LA, Emma formed the sister squad with other prominent YouTubers James Charles and Ethan, and Grayson Dolan.

Emma had long bragged about her adoration for James Charles and the twins even before ever meeting them. Emma met her heroes in person after coming to LA, and the crew became great friends and began producing their own over-the-top videos, much to the joy of the fans.

Emma has recently launched her own coffee company, Chamberlain Coffee, as well as a clothing line based on her radio show Anything Goes, further diversifying her income streams. Vogue chose Emma to interview A-listers on the red carpet for the 2021 Met Gala, boosting her prominence even further. Emma reprised her duties for the 2022 Met Gala, making people around the world proud. “I’m pretty proud of myself,” she said. “But it’s not all roses.”

Emma says that her celebrity has presented her with significant hurdles, beginning with her YouTube days when the more renowned she grew, the harsher the online comments she received. It makes her unhappy and damages her feel like any other human being, as her mother told the New York Times in 2019. We’re talking about thousands of people on social media now, not just two high school kids. While she left high school to avoid clicks and bullying, she discovered a worse version in Los Angeles, where tabloids and social media pundits were constantly looking for ways to generate controversy.

Emma says it’s strange because I left high school to get out of that BS and now we’re in LA where it’s almost worse by December 2021 Emma stopped posting to her youtube channel altogether, leaving fans to wonder and rather than publish a goodbye or break video as is customary for YouTubers when they leave the platform chamberlain chose to give her reasons via her podcast anything goes as Emma says the pressure to be a weekly Youtuber 365 days a year.

Emma had to employ editors to help her edit her content as a result of the massive workload, but she was dissatisfied because editing was her favorite part of the job, and so far for her own well-being. While she may be absent from youtube, she is still quite busy with her coffee line, her podcast show, and, of course, her work with vogue. As for the future of her youtube channel, chamberlain has no plans to abandon it but is taking at least a few months to reassess her options.

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